Brandon Brown versus Yucatán: Chapters 1-3

I have found that I do a better job of explaining my day by day plans when teaching a novel if I post them as I go.  I have just started teaching Brandon Brown versus Yucatán.  I like to start with an introduction to the place- in this case Yucatán.  I have used a collectionContinue reading “Brandon Brown versus Yucatán: Chapters 1-3”

Stations in the World Language Classroom

I realized the other day that I had never blogged about how I do stations!  I try to have students do stations at least once per unit.  I also have found that they work well on days that my students aren’t as motivated to really keep them moving throughout class.  One year, I planned manyContinue reading “Stations in the World Language Classroom”

How I decide on novels for my classes

Whew!  My school year is over, my room is packed and now- I just have to pack up my house, have an edcamp, move, vacation and make it through June!  At least those are all- relatively- fun things!  In my head, I wasn’t going to blog much in June, but then I started to feelContinue reading “How I decide on novels for my classes”

Quick tip: A variation on an old game for novels!

It is interesting that students love certain games certain years.  One of my Spanish V classes loves the game that we play with weekend chat.  I love that I can alter this game easily to work with what we are doing.  We had just finished reading the novel Calaca Alegre.  I decided to play theContinue reading “Quick tip: A variation on an old game for novels!”

Interpretive Reading Assessments for Novels

As I continue to balance how I assess novels and how I implement IPAs, I have played around with how I assess how students interpret the vocabulary that students are acquiring as well as the novel itself.  For my upper levels, I typically could find an article that included a lot of the culture thatContinue reading “Interpretive Reading Assessments for Novels”

Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments

The other day, I went to look for what I had posted for Robo en la Noche, and I realized that I had only posted my additional resources through chapter 3!  I wanted to detail the rest of my plans that we did throughout the novel. Before reading chapter 4, students completed this Kahoot. InContinue reading “Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments”

Conceptual maps in units and novels

This year, we planned a PLC to allow us more time to collaborate with both Middle and Upper School teachers.  We have some really excellent language teachers in the Middle School, but it is hard to find time to discuss what we are doing in our classes.  Marcela Velikovsky shared a wonderful idea on howContinue reading “Conceptual maps in units and novels”

Robo en la noche: Pre reading activities and chapters 1-3

In level 3, we are teaching the book Robo en la noche by Kristy Placido.  For most of my students, this is the first time that they are reading a novel in Spanish, and they seem to understand it well.  I wanted to give some of the activities that we have done before reading andContinue reading “Robo en la noche: Pre reading activities and chapters 1-3”