Reviewing novels after a break

Many times, I try to wrap up a novel before a longer break; however, other times, it doesn’t happen. I have found a few fun activities to review a novel that ease students back after break. When you are reviewing, keep in mind some of the ideas of retrieval practice. If it is harder forContinue reading “Reviewing novels after a break”

Book review: Tech with Heart

I just finished reading my colleague Stacey Roshan’s book, Tech with Heart.  Stacey shares her incredible journey and shows strength and vulnerability.  I have been lucky to work with Stacey while I have been at Bullis.  Typically, the first thing that I do when I find a tech tool is email Stacey to askContinue reading “Book review: Tech with Heart”

Review of Mike Peto’s Pleasure Reading in the World Language

  A few years ago at NTPRS, Mike Peto convinced me to start a Free Voluntary Reading program.  Ever since then, I have implemented it in various classes with varying success.  I managed to encourage my level 5 students to read a whole novel of their choice last year.  With my other classes, it hasContinue reading “Review of Mike Peto’s Pleasure Reading in the World Language”

Back to school week: Ways to avoid a review

Day 3 of back to school week!  If you missed day 1, I talked about my first few days worth of lesson plans.  Yesterday, I discussed curriculum changes that I was making from last year and included an outline of what I taught in level 5 last year.  Today, I will share how I skipContinue reading “Back to school week: Ways to avoid a review”

Incorporating retrieval practice and brain dumps in the FL class

Matt Miller’s Ditch Summit included Pooja Agarwal who works with Retrieval Practice.  Ever since my methods class with my wonderful professor, I have been hooked on how the brain works.  After the summit, I subscribed to the newsletter, and I make it a priority to read it each week.  (And I only forward it toContinue reading “Incorporating retrieval practice and brain dumps in the FL class”

Review: Los tres amigos by Jennifer Degenhardt

I am continuing my series of reviewing books for your class or FVR library in hopes that it will help you make decisions as you build your library.  (See my review of Estatua, La Casa de la Dentista and Vidas Impactantes as well.)  I have seen Jennifer Degenhardt’s books before, but it was the CultContinue reading “Review: Los tres amigos by Jennifer Degenhardt”

Review: Vidas Impactantes by Kristy Placido

As more and more people are writing Spanish novels, it can become overwhelming to decide what to buy!  I have already reviewed Jeremy Jordan’s most recent book La Estatua and Señor Wooly’s second graphic novel La Casa de la Dentista.  As my Spanish V students are able to read for longer, I have been able toContinue reading “Review: Vidas Impactantes by Kristy Placido”

Review: La Casa de la Dentista

I am obsessed with all blogs- not just foreign language blogs.  I love Pioneer Woman, Cup of Jo, Iowa Girl Eats etc etc.  And, it was fascinating to me that they would be offered amazing items!  Food treats, trips to fun places, slippers- you name it!  I obviously did not expect that being a SpanishContinue reading “Review: La Casa de la Dentista”