Teaching novels online

Teaching online has been more difficult for me than I thought. I had done this before, and I knew what I wanted to do- but then I started questioning everything. I saw what others were doing, and I started doubting what I was doing. I typically know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, people highlightContinue reading “Teaching novels online”

Ideas for synchronous classes and feedback for distance learning

First, I wanted to share my video for ACTFL about ideas for online assessments! It is a shorter version of my post, but some people prefer video. I was so excited when ACTFL was willing to publish it! Whew! I will probably still start each post off expressing how difficult these times are. I knowContinue reading “Ideas for synchronous classes and feedback for distance learning”

Online and printable activities for extended closings

Whew! That was a week. It was definitely difficult. I am sure that my week mirrored your week. I was dealing with making plans for my own students and then BAM! My son’s school decided to cancel for Friday. At 11:30 PM. After telling us earlier in the evening that they wouldn’t cancel on Friday.Continue reading “Online and printable activities for extended closings”

Updated ideas for teaching online

As the coronavirus has started to spread, more and more schools are discussing how to make learning virtual. Although I have never dealt with a long absence to perhaps this degree, I have taught successful blended classes for many years where half of the class is online. I have also finished classes to learn howContinue reading “Updated ideas for teaching online”

Tips when developing a blended class

I am currently in my third year of teaching a blended class.  In some ways, my blended class is different from what many teachers think about a typical blended class because I designed all of the blended days by myself.  I wanted to highlight a few things that I have realized make a successful blendedContinue reading “Tips when developing a blended class”

Three Day Texting and Emoji Unit for High Novice Spanish students

  My students have just taken their first trimester exam, and we have three class days before Thanksgiving break.  Instead of starting something new, I decided to plan a fun mini-unit that incorporates what my students know and adding in a few more details.  My objectives are that my students will be able to holdContinue reading “Three Day Texting and Emoji Unit for High Novice Spanish students”

Journaling and the Seesaw App

Last year, my students were journaling in my blended class.  While I believe that I was able to learn interesting facts about them and it helped with their writing, they were a pain to find and read on WordPress.  They were unpublished, so I had difficulty accessing them.  However, this year, I want to tryContinue reading “Journaling and the Seesaw App”