A round-up of online resources and final novel project

Final project for middle schoolers This week, I designed a final project for my 8th graders. (The link has the instructions and a rubric as well.)They just finished reading Bianca Nieves and we had embedded a few cultural topics throughout. I wanted to try to have my students revisit the activities that they had doneContinue reading “A round-up of online resources and final novel project”

Interviewing using technology

One project that I have my students do is create interviews in Spanish using Google Forms.  They can ask any appropriate questions as long as they have multiple choice answers.  Then, they send the form to all of the students.  Once they get the results, they write a summary of them in Spanish.  I reallyContinue reading “Interviewing using technology”

Space Colony Spanish PBL part

The end of this week our 8th graders are planning a space colony.  They will have to design it, defend it, govern it and market it.  We incorporate all disciplines into this project.  The students create an ad to convince Spanish-speaking people to live on their colony.  They can create it on paper or electronically.Continue reading “Space Colony Spanish PBL part”

Trip to the National Gallery of Art: Part I

This week is our annual trip to the National Gallery of Art.  (One of the reasons why I love living by Washington, DC.)   As I have said before, I love art, and I love teaching students how to look at art on their own.  Typically, we have used tour guides, and students get aContinue reading “Trip to the National Gallery of Art: Part I”

Winter Proficiency Pack

This summer I made a proficiency pack for my students.  I decided to create a new packet full of winter activities.  I included different cultural activities.  Some of them are associated with Christmas, so I would caution you to be sensitive to students who do not celebrate Christmas.  I included a variety of activities thatContinue reading “Winter Proficiency Pack”