Señor Wooly: Billy y las botas online book activities

I taught Billy y las botas to my Spanish II students in person many moons ago! This year, I decided to teach it to my fourth graders since the website now has the graphic novel in a variety of proficiency levels!! (This is one of the reasons that it is so amazing!). I came back from my maternity leave halfway through the book, but I wanted to share some activities that I felt worked well with it. First, I loved the ability to project and press play for the voices to read the story. My students loved it too! They loved Gorro’s voice in particular.

  • As a “review” when I got back, we did two truths and a lie. Students wrote down two facts that did happen and one that didn’t. I read them aloud and students held up fingers to show if the false statement was 1, 2 or 3. I spread their sentences out over two days because this activity can get long.
  • Honestly, my fourth graders LOVED the nuggets! I probably could have just assigned those and they would have been thrilled. It was also a great back-up activity when the projector failed me… twice.
  • Allison shared this great idea of 1, 2, 3 Salta. I used her idea to create this plan which was a hit.
  • Sometimes people think that if the story is silly there isn’t as much useable language. I made this word cloud and had students write sentences with it.
  • Martina’s Textivities are also great, and I used the timeline activity with my students.
  • AnneMarie Chase has a great blog post about Foto Frenzy. I modify it to have students draw a picture from the book. Then we play the game. I have them draw two pictures total and then I modified the sentences to reflect the book more.
  • I also want students to practice speaking. Normally, I have them practice with a variety of people who check off that their partner said. To minimize movement, this time they just worked with one partner. Each pair shared one or two of their ideas.
  • Edited to add: before reading the final pages, I did an anticipation guide and a vocabulary sentence activity!
  • In the end, I will have students reflect on their favorite parts using emoji reactions. They can put a variety of emojis on the side and then quote which part matches each emoji (like the heart eyes emoji, crying emoji, laughing emoji etc.). I like that this bridges the gap for my novice students. I will also give them the option of re-writing parts of the book in the same graphic novel style. Some of my students are more advanced and can handle creating their own sentences.

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