Street Food: Netflix Viewing Guides

Have you seen the newest series Street Food: Latin America from Netflix? It is amazing, and the visual shots of food is worth watching alone! However, many of the episodes focus on the role of women in street food and at times underrepresented groups. Because of this, I knew that I wanted to use theseContinue reading “Street Food: Netflix Viewing Guides”

A round-up of online resources and final novel project

Final project for middle schoolers This week, I designed a final project for my 8th graders. (The link has the instructions and a rubric as well.)They just finished reading Bianca Nieves and we had embedded a few cultural topics throughout. I wanted to try to have my students revisit the activities that they had doneContinue reading “A round-up of online resources and final novel project”

Online and printable activities for extended closings

Whew! That was a week. It was definitely difficult. I am sure that my week mirrored your week. I was dealing with making plans for my own students and then BAM! My son’s school decided to cancel for Friday. At 11:30 PM. After telling us earlier in the evening that they wouldn’t cancel on Friday.Continue reading “Online and printable activities for extended closings”

Nailed It! Mexico: A mini-unit comprehensible for novices

I just finished Brandon Brown versus Yucatan with my sixth graders.  We have one week before break.  I wanted to create a small unit around either a movie or a TV show, but I couldn’t decide what.  If I put the captions on in English, they won’t gain much from the movie.  Plus, I don’tContinue reading “Nailed It! Mexico: A mini-unit comprehensible for novices”

A performance artist eats $120,000 banana!

Did you see the story about the man who decides to eat a banana that was part of an art exhibit in Miami?!  A performance artist ate a banana that was taped up to the wall that someone had already paid $120,000 for!  (FYI- I saw this reminder somewhere else, but you can pay .19Continue reading “A performance artist eats $120,000 banana!”

Post Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Last year, I also blogged about activities for Thanksgiving and beyond.  In that post, I detailed: A MovieTalk and a few other ideas that you can use after you complete the MovieTalk A few games that would get students motivated and back in the swing of things Activities for retrieval practice You can check allContinue reading “Post Thanksgiving Lesson Plan”

Planning without a textbook: Part I

I know how overwhelming it can be to abandon a textbook.  However, it can also be freeing.  But then the question remains- where to go from here?!  It can also seem overwhelming- can you use comprehensible input?  Can you use proficiency?  Can you use BOTH?! I have shared a lot of tips, but I haven’tContinue reading “Planning without a textbook: Part I”

Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish

After the news unit, students created a news project.  My colleague is writing up that project, and I will share it here as well.  We had two weeks before the exam period which is lasting almost two weeks.  Our students don’t take an exam (notice my uptick in blogging recently!), so my colleague and IContinue reading “Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish”