May things: And ideas to thrive this last month!

Happy (almost) or last month of school! There is much to be excited about for this summer; here are some of the things that I am looking forward to: However, we still have a few more weeks to go before summer! These weeks can seem long and difficult! You want to provide lessons that areContinue reading “May things: And ideas to thrive this last month!”

First Fridays: February 4, 2022

Happy Friday! Whew- for me January was ROUGH with various quarantines and snow, but it calmed down toward the end, and I am feeling much better by this Friday. Although I definitely didn’t finish as many other things that I had planned. One thing was what to do with Olympic Games! Luckily, some other peopleContinue reading “First Fridays: February 4, 2022”

First Fridays: November 5, 2021

Happy Friday! This weekend, I will be presenting at GWATFL. I am excited to share some of my favorite interpersonal activities in addition to some more excerpts from the upcoming book. Want more details? Florencia has also shared some of the excerpts on her YouTube videos– especially the unpacking activities series. Check out some ofContinue reading “First Fridays: November 5, 2021”

First Fridays: September 3, 2021

Happy Friday! For years, I wrote Brillante Viernes posts- and loved it! Round-up posts were my favorite posts from some of my favorite non language bloggers. But then with the pandemic, I didn’t have the time and energy to continue to dedicate to it. However, that is the case with many blogs! There weren’t asContinue reading “First Fridays: September 3, 2021”

Brillante Viernes: September 11, 2020

Congratulations to all of the teachers (and parents!) that made it through another week! My parents were up here to help my son, and it was still exhausting juggling my own classes and helping my son. Also, over the summer, I forgot how long it takes to prep for online classes. It took longer toContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: September 11, 2020”

Brillante Viernes: September 4, 2020

Happy Friday! Whew! What a week! I am still balancing child care with being back at school (with the help of my husband) although we are all pretty much at home. Next week, my son starts school, so that will help tremendously. Even with everything going on, I am really excited for him to startContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: September 4, 2020”