Lesson Plan Inspiration and Updates

I wanted to share a bit of a haphazard post about what has been happening in my classes and life recently! First- a podcast update! Last year, I wrote down all of my lessons on Google Drive into folders and LINKED to the resources. It was a breakthrough for me! In the past, that wasContinue reading “Lesson Plan Inspiration and Updates”

Resources for sports: listening, speaking and writing

I find it interesting how my classes ebb and flow. When I taught just middle school, there was a whole sports unit in Spanish 1B. When I switched to Spanish 1, I would discuss some sports through various themes- likes and dislikes and around any big sporting event, but I didn’t create a whole unitContinue reading “Resources for sports: listening, speaking and writing”

Struggling to transition to comprehensible input

As more and more teachers start to incorporate comprehensible input into their classes, sometimes it just doesn’t work or click for you- or perhaps one or two of your classes.  I remember after seeing Jason Fritze teach a story in California my first year, I jumped in on Monday.  Whew.  My students literally had NOContinue reading “Struggling to transition to comprehensible input”

Brillante Viernes: September 6, 2019

Happy Friday!  I hope you are winding down your week and had a successful one!  For me, I remembered that I could teach- haha!  At the beginning of every year, I think- do I remember what I am doing?  After the last class, I remember that I do!  My biggest takeaway for switching schools isContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: September 6, 2019”

Back 2 School: Classroom decorating

  Missed the first two posts in the series?  Check out my first post about a summer round-up and my second post about emergency sub plans. Magnolia designer I am not.  Also, normally I am decorating wayyy past the time of this post.  However, here are some of my favorite tips from previous years! IfContinue reading “Back 2 School: Classroom decorating”

El Mundo En Tus Manos 2019-2020! Changes and more ways to use articles in your classes

Great news!  El Mundo en Tus Manos is back again for the 2019-2020 school year!  If you haven’t subscribed or downloaded a free edition, it is a five article newsletter that highlights news in the Spanish-speaking world in comprehensible Spanish.  It allows your students to become aware of what is happening throughout the world whileContinue reading “El Mundo En Tus Manos 2019-2020! Changes and more ways to use articles in your classes”

End of year video app smash with Flipgrid, Adobe Spark and Goosechase!

So each year, I have wanted to put together an end-of-the-year video for my students.  But each year, I don’t have enough pictures or videos to make it happen.  When I was at the conference with Tina this past summer, I was committed to make it happen.  I still didn’t take nearly enough pictures thisContinue reading “End of year video app smash with Flipgrid, Adobe Spark and Goosechase!”