Super Bowl: 2021 Lesson Plans

Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well! My baby girl finally arrived last Saturday! I have been enjoying the time with her- but I wanted to pop on here to share my activities that I made before she made her grand appearance. Thanks to Bethanie Drew, Martha Balthaser and Vanessa Monell for helpingContinue reading “Super Bowl: 2021 Lesson Plans”

Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!

I think it is telling that I normally post my best of posts from 2020 earlier in December- and here we are jamming them all together! Whew! It has been a year. I am currently EXTREMELY pregnant- and hoping to fit two more weeks in with my students before baby girl comes! I am simultaneouslyContinue reading “Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!”

Post winter break plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school: My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopesContinue reading “Post winter break plans”

December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!

I am going to do a Lotería unit from Kara Jacobs this year.  It is amazing (and currently on sale!) and the cultural connections alone that this video bring up are incredible.  I wanted to bring the spirit of La Lotería to my classes.  I bought these lottery tickets (although they sell them at the dollarContinue reading “December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!”

Día de los Muertos Activities

Over the weekend, I found this touching video about Día de los Muertos.  You could do a MovieTalk with this video; however, I decided to make an embedded reading about the video first.  I try to use volleyball translation judiciously, but I would start with that.  During the next reading, I will have students illustrateContinue reading “Día de los Muertos Activities”

Wayback Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Ideas

I was going to post my Valentine’s Day ideas tomorrow, but my scheduled post is taking longer to write out than planned.  (Stay tuned, I am really excited for it!)  Instead, I am going way back (not really, just the past two years…) to talk about my favorite Valentine’s Day plans: These poems would beContinue reading “Wayback Wednesday: Valentine’s Day Ideas”

Monster writing prompts!

I want to give my lesson plans a Halloween twist this week- even though it is not culturally authentic.  Today, we started completed some monster writing.  I was able to use this for multiple levels.  I gave specific questions to answer.  Here are the prompts: Describe your monster. Describe your monster’s likes and dislikes.  WhatContinue reading “Monster writing prompts!”