Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments

robo chapters 4-13.jpg

The other day, I went to look for what I had posted for Robo en la Noche, and I realized that I had only posted my additional resources through chapter 3!  I wanted to detail the rest of my plans that we did throughout the novel.

  • Before reading chapter 4, students completed this Kahoot.
  • In chapter 4, students made predictions before reading.  Then, I had students create a chart to complete while we were reading.  They wrote the categories: who/what/when/why in four different sections.  As I was reading, I would pause periodically, ask clarifying questions and students would fill out any details in any section that they could.  I like to change up our during reading activities to keep them engaging.
  • For chapter 5, we used Sharon’s review bird.  Students also drew the chapter as I read it aloud.
  • In chapters 6 and 7, students read the chapter and then we reviewed it as a class and each group acted out a small part of the chapter.  If students are going to act out a section, I like to keep it limited and have them prepare ahead of time.  After this, students practiced these can-do statements.
  • For chapters 8 and 9, students drew pictures of what was happening in the chapter as I read aloud.  I also had students complete this webquest to learn more about MINAE.
  • At this point, students completed a speaking assessment using Flipgrid.  I gave students a list of questions and allowed them to choose four to answer.  Many of the questions were slight variations of the can-do statements that they had practiced.
  • For chapter 10, students completed this reading guide.  Then after reading chapter 11 as well, I had my students play this Quizizz game.  Students also made a meme about the book and uploaded it to their Seesaw account.
  • We rushed to finish the book before Thanksgiving break, so we read the last few chapters a little faster than I wanted to due to an early snow day.  However, as a wrap up assessment, students read an article from El Mundo en Tus Manos newsletter about poachers stealing eggs and students wrote a presentational writing that compared the article with the book.
  • After the book, students also completed this Google Tour of Costa Rica.

I hope these plans and assessments help you if you use Robo en la Noche or other novels as well!  My students enjoyed the book overall, but more importantly felt it helped them improve their Spanish.


5 thoughts on “Resources for Robo en la Noche: Chapters 4-13 and assessments

  1. Do you still do flipgrids this year? Are you opening them up for other students to participate? I see your flip grid, but it looks like the last posts were last year.. Do you have a new one?

  2. Loving so many of your ideas for novels! Thank you so much for sharing!! I had a question regarding the article from “El mundo en tus manos”. Do you happen to know which series it’s from? I’m trying to find it on TPT to buy but having trouble. Thanks again!

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