Day 1 ideas/tweaks

Whew! This summer has been amazing and a whirlwind. I have been so appreciative of the feedback that we have gotten over the book. I want to try to answer some questions about Common Ground that have been coming up at different points. I am excited that it is motivating teachers to make changes toContinue reading “Day 1 ideas/tweaks”

Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board

It has to be somewhat of a miracle because I ended up putting together a bulletin board with my colleague!  (It is also because she is so wonderful!)  I always feel like school starts after Labor Day and then Hispanic Heritage Month is here.  I wanted to share some of our resources that we used.Continue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board”

Getting to know my new students

As I have switched schools, I am in a new position.  The classes stay very similar, so I am trying to take time to get to know them without doing some of my old stand-bys.  I love Persona Especial! This is perfect for Spanish I and can even be leveled nicely for other levels. However,Continue reading “Getting to know my new students”

Back 2 School: Deciding on curriculum

(Missed the first few posts in the back 2 school series?  Check out my round-up, emergency sub plans, and decoration posts!) For the past few years, I haven’t been using a textbook to structure my classes.  However, if you are going to make the jump, it can seem overwhelming.  Many times, you can wonder where toContinue reading “Back 2 School: Deciding on curriculum”

Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans

Missed my first post of this series?  Check out my summer round-up of great posts here. I realized that I haven’t blogged recently about my sub plans or emergency sub plans in over four years!  When I saw Amanda’s post recently, it inspired me to write this post.  While some of my plans stay theContinue reading “Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans”

Back to School Week: Summer posts round-up

Happy back to school week!  I know that this week is when some teachers start, and many like me are starting to seriously plan for the upcoming year.  I will be getting back into the swing of blogging by blogging all week!  Since I will have a new schedule and school, I don’t have allContinue reading “Back to School Week: Summer posts round-up”

How I decide on novels for my classes

Whew!  My school year is over, my room is packed and now- I just have to pack up my house, have an edcamp, move, vacation and make it through June!  At least those are all- relatively- fun things!  In my head, I wasn’t going to blog much in June, but then I started to feelContinue reading “How I decide on novels for my classes”