Introduction to Ecuador: Novices

I have one more week before teaching planning starts! I am really starting to switch from overall planning to starting to produce more materials for my students. Last year, I used Edi el Elefante with my fourth graders. It is a great novel! I loved the teacher’s guide, and we played some really fun games.Continue reading “Introduction to Ecuador: Novices”

Comprehensible Ballet: Part I

My colleague Trudy Roddy has been working on a great idea to incorporate both the target language and the ballet.  Teaching in DC, we have opportunities to go to the Kennedy Center to see ballet.  However, as we are working up to this unit, we have made the story comprehensible in Spanish and French.  AsContinue reading “Comprehensible Ballet: Part I”

Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board

It has to be somewhat of a miracle because I ended up putting together a bulletin board with my colleague!  (It is also because she is so wonderful!)  I always feel like school starts after Labor Day and then Hispanic Heritage Month is here.  I wanted to share some of our resources that we used.Continue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board”

Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series

If you follow Kara’s blog, you have heard about Go! Vive a tu manera.  As a mom of a five and a half year old, I find it hard to “binge watch” anything.  I officially binge watched both season 1 and 2!  I am hooked!  It is definitely cheesy but in a fun way.  IContinue reading “Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series”

Post winter break plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school: My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopesContinue reading “Post winter break plans”

December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!

I am going to do a Lotería unit from Kara Jacobs this year.  It is amazing (and currently on sale!) and the cultural connections alone that this video bring up are incredible.  I wanted to bring the spirit of La Lotería to my classes.  I bought these lottery tickets (although they sell them at the dollarContinue reading “December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!”

Holiday traditions in Costa Rica

I rounded out my cultural background with a slideshow of holiday traditions in Costa Rica.  I previously had a unit with birthday and wedding traditions.  I made sure to include the fact that there are Jewish people in Costa Rica as well.  I believe it is important to focus on different groups in countries orContinue reading “Holiday traditions in Costa Rica”

Incorporating more culture throughout my celebration unit

With a recent #langchat, I am also inspired to be more purposeful about my incorporation of culture into my lessons.  BOY!  Is it a lot of work!!  Seriously, I encourage people to do this one unit at a time.  Even so, I am excited at the cohesion to my unit.  I decided to talk aboutContinue reading “Incorporating more culture throughout my celebration unit”