Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!

I think it is telling that I normally post my best of posts from 2020 earlier in December- and here we are jamming them all together! Whew! It has been a year. I am currently EXTREMELY pregnant- and hoping to fit two more weeks in with my students before baby girl comes! I am simultaneouslyContinue reading “Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!”

How to transition to using more comprehensible input

This week, I used the great TCI locator to meet up with a local teacher who is interested in switching to using CI.  It was extremely beneficial for me, and it was also great to hear concerns of teachers who want to use CI.  One thing that we both noted is how overwhelming it canContinue reading “How to transition to using more comprehensible input”

No-prep ideas to spice up your classroom

Every March, it seems like I am fresh out of ideas.  It seems like students know my tricks, and they aren’t as exciting any more.  Luckily, I have just come back from NECTFL, and I feel like I am bursting with ideas.  I also review my blog to see what games I forgot to play! Continue reading “No-prep ideas to spice up your classroom”

Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!

I have been meaning to share this video that I used for MovieTalk last trimester with my Spanish 1 class!  It is called ¡Hola Llamigo!  It is a cute story about a boy who loves to take care of the llamas on his dad’s farm, but they all end up going to parties to becomeContinue reading “Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!”

Conceptual maps in units and novels

This year, we planned a PLC to allow us more time to collaborate with both Middle and Upper School teachers.  We have some really excellent language teachers in the Middle School, but it is hard to find time to discuss what we are doing in our classes.  Marcela Velikovsky shared a wonderful idea on howContinue reading “Conceptual maps in units and novels”

One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking

This trimester, I have started teaching level 5.  I keep encouraging them to speak more in Spanish to various degrees of success.  However, this idea ensured that everyone spoke Spanish evenly.  As I have stated before, I really did not like presentational speaking until I saw Laura’s idea which focuses predominantly on interpersonal speaking.  MyContinue reading “One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking”

Quick tip: Google Forms for Stories

I am definitely run down.  I have been battling a headache on and off for a bit that has made it difficult to get everything done.  I am sure that you have had weeks that are similar.  I saw Martina’s blog about having students write true/false statements about a storyboard.  I wanted to do this,Continue reading “Quick tip: Google Forms for Stories”

Jigsaw technique in a FL class

To me, one of the best things about a teacher education program is that you learn techniques that you store away until they make so much sense to use!  Jigsaw is one technique that helped me recently.  Essentially, students break into smaller groups then they recombine to form new groups to teach each other theContinue reading “Jigsaw technique in a FL class”

Take three icebreaker/brain break

  Today, our wonderful Assistant Principal shared an awesome icebreaker.  I enjoyed it, and it could easily be done in levels 2-3 or higher in the target language.  Here is how it worked: Students are in groups of 3-4 people. Everyone says “take three.” One person gives a category to another person in the group.  ForContinue reading “Take three icebreaker/brain break”