Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX!

Netflix Unit for Novices: Part I

I have been trying to decide where to begin my year with Spanish 2.  I wanted to do some sort of pop culture unit because I love pop culture!  Plus, I believe that pop culture easily lends itself to culture comparisons as well.  After mulling over a couple of ideas, I determined to use Netflix/movies and TV as my beginning unit.  I can cover many of the grammar topics that my fellow colleagues cover as a review unit as well.

I will share my final assessment for my students as well as breaking down how I will build up to the final IPA:

My final IPA will consist of:

  • Interpretive: Read two descriptions of shows on Netflix and analyze them.
  • Interpersonal Writing: Compare with a partner via table texting which show you would like to see and why (from the previous two shows.)
  • Presentational Writing: Write a review of a show that you watched on Netflix.  Give a brief summary, describe a character and why you liked it or did not like it.

My first week will revolve around describing characters in different series.  Their first assessment will be a presentational writing assignment.  They will have to describe the characters in a series that they choose as their final goal.

In the first unit, I want to do the following activities:

  • I need to spend some time reviewing the presentational rubric and where students should be writing.  I want to give examples as well.
  • I also will start with La Persona Especial.
  • Students will also read some of the fichas on their favorite celebrities.  They will answer questions about each celebrity.
  • Students will practice writing by journaling in Seesaw.
  • I also create a PearDeck (an interactive slideshow) with celebrities for students to describe.  You could also just create a powerpoint and have students speak or use whiteboards.
  • Thanks to Musicuentos’ #AuthResAugust, I found this Twitter account that highlights different Mexicans.  It is so awesome!  (This week is Isaac Hernández a dancer.)

9 thoughts on “Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX!

    1. On this, they are answering questions. A question pops up on all their devices to answer. If you have the paid version, they can also draw which is always fun to describe their drawings in Spanish!

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