Speaking Warm-ups or exit tickets: Hot Seat, Weekend Discussion and Question Bag

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 3.55.12 PMAs I wrote before, I want to revamp my speaking activities.  I have been really thinking about how to do this in the past two weeks.  I think as I assess students more in speaking, they will realize that they must practice this skill when I provide activities if they want to succeed.  However, I want to continuously implement new warm-ups in my class.

  •  Hot Seat- In this activity, a student is interviewed in front of the class by the rest of the class.  I have tried this a handful of times, but I want to make it more of a consistent activity.  I will give my students a set amount of time, but I want to challenge them to ask more questions than my other classes.
  • Weekend Discussion- I know many TPRS teachers discuss what students did over the weekend first thing on Monday.  At NTPRS, I want to perfect this to make it flow better for me.
  • Question Bag- My favorite education consultant Nancy Doda suggested this one.  Students will pull multiple questions out of a bag to answer aloud.  While this is not an interpersonal activity, it would be a great entrance or exit ticket.  It can also be a great review activity.

On the Aventuras Nuevas blog, there are even more activities for me to consider!  I want to make a list and stick it to my desk to make sure that I continuously reuse the same activities and don’t forget about them next year.

Finally, are all of the langchatters ready for #langbook?  I just ordered the book- Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.  I will be ready July 9th at 8 PM EST to discuss it!


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