My revamped tertulia for Spanish V/VI

As I noted last year, I used tertulia with mixed success during my Spanish V class.  While I enjoyed that students could find a topic that interested them, it ended up being too presentation-y and not enough of a conversation.  I think one of the problems was that most groups preferred to do videos, andContinue reading “My revamped tertulia for Spanish V/VI”

Let’s (keep) chatting! Spanish Flipgrid for 2018-2019 school year

Last year, it was great to have so many students in so many schools across the country participating in a variety of Flipgrids!  I would get so excited any time I got a new notification.  In case you didn’t know, Flipgrid is now free with ALL features for everyone.  This year, I am starting upContinue reading “Let’s (keep) chatting! Spanish Flipgrid for 2018-2019 school year”

Reflection: Tertulia in Spanish V

Halfway through the year, I found this tertulia idea on Facebook, and I thought this was the perfect idea for my level 5 class.  (I think this could easily be adapted for a level 4 class as well!)  Each class has 9 students, so we divided into 3 groups then each group took one Friday.  Overall,Continue reading “Reflection: Tertulia in Spanish V”

Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic

Happy Sunday!  I have two new activities for you to use in class this week!  First, I have my most recent edition of news from last week.  This week I wrote about: Spain’s fastest goal in soccer Popular restaurants in Chile Spanish fashion chain opens a new type of store Emigrants returning to Cuba Music/comedyContinue reading “Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic”

Scaffolding interpersonal assessment for level 1

As I always write (but add again because if you haven’t seen it- you need it in your life!), my life changed when I found out about Rebecca’s Interpersonal Bootcamp!  I had always dreaded doing speaking assessments- they seemed stilted and forced and time consuming!  I would either have to dedicate time to talking toContinue reading “Scaffolding interpersonal assessment for level 1”

House resources for novice mid students

I have started my house unit with level 1.  Another benefit that I have found with dropping the textbook is that I feel like I can integrate previous activities and units more.  With the house unit, I wanted to integrate describing what they were seeing in a house with activities that they did in eachContinue reading “House resources for novice mid students”