Template for Novice High Interpretive Listening

Interpretive Listening Activity for Commercials

Last week found me scrambling for a good commercial for my Spanish III class the night before.  I didn’t love the one that I found, but I did not want to spend all night trying to find a better one.  I am sure many of you have been down that black hole.  I decided to be pro-active to find more commercials in advance for my unit.  I also wanted to create an interpretive listening activity that could be used for various commercials.  I found a few exciting things!

First, I found this great YouTube site with Commercials from Mexico.  They have monthly commercials.  I found some about food and technology just in the few that I watched.  While you would have to do some combing through the videos, at least you have a place to start.

As I was researching what details to add to my interpretive listening handout, I realize that I should add better post listening activities.  For example, if a student watches a commercial about a certain app, they could say why they would like to use it or not.  Do they have a current app that completes the same task?  Also, you can discuss why certain companies make different products for different countries.  I saw one commercial for a lemonade made by 7-Up.  It is always fascinating the different flavors that each company makes worldwide.

Finally, the handout!  I created a quick prediction activity for students to think about what words they might hear first.  Then they can confirm what words they hear.  Finally, they can write down important words that they hear.  Students can then reflect on if the commercial has enticed them to buy the product and who is the target audience.  Also, based on great interpretive activities that I have found, students will write down what cultural aspects they notice in the commercial.  I can add comprehension questions as well.  Hope this saves you some time and late nights looking for activities and commercials!

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