Street Food: Netflix Viewing Guides

Have you seen the newest series Street Food: Latin America from Netflix? It is amazing, and the visual shots of food is worth watching alone! However, many of the episodes focus on the role of women in street food and at times underrepresented groups. Because of this, I knew that I wanted to use these in my classes. While you could use the series as a whole because it offers an interesting point of comparison, I am going to only use one episode for my upper grades classes.

I plan to use the Argentinian episode for my 8th graders to match with Go! Vive a tu manera. It will be interesting to compare how people are portrayed in Go versus Street Food. I really love that it highlights the strength of the two women behind the stand and the fact that they are a couple.

I plan to use the Colombian episode with my fifth graders after reading Peter va a Colombia. My fifth graders do not have the language to watch the whole episode with Spanish subtitles, so I will use English subtitles for them. However, the guide will allow them to speak about it more in Spanish.

I will use the Bolivian episode with my sixth graders after reading El Ekeko. This episode really highlights the indigenous culture of the chola as well.

If any of my classes are really into it, I may use the Peru episode as well.

Once I had decided that, I met with two AMAZING Spanish teachers- Bethanie Drew and Kara Jacobs, and we had a great conversation about how we could use these in our classes. We also split up the work to finish it all up so quickly! While Bethanie and Kara teach upper levels, I will use two in my fifth grade and sixth grade. I made a middle school version with more guided sentences, so it would be simplified for students.

With upper grades, we really wanted to focus on the products, practices and perspectives in each episode. We have also linked other resources to read in addition to pre-, during and post watching questions and activities.

As I was watching and re-watching, I am so excited to use it in my classes! I hope you are as well! The link for the folder with all of the resources is here.

5 thoughts on “Street Food: Netflix Viewing Guides

  1. This is awesome! Thank you all so much for sharing! A curious question-how to do you show the Netflix shows to your kids? We will be all virtual starting this year and will meet twice a week for a total of 90 minutes. Thanks again for being such an inspiration.

    1. I am so glad that they are helping! I don’t have a good answer right now. I am hoping that by the time we are here- we will be back at least part time. If not- I will save them for the end of the year!

  2. Once again, thank you and you your collaborators for putting together such high quality resources! Great idea to use the Bolivia episode while reading El ekeko.

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