Voicethread Workshop

New Ways to Use Voicethread in the Language Classroom

Last week, I took a free webinar about how to use Voicethreads while teaching a foreign language.  I have been using Voicethread frequently for the past two years; however, I used it in the same manner.  This workshop gave me some new ideas on how to use Voicethread!

  • When you start to create a Voicethread, you can record a video of yourself.  This would be great when students need to answer questions or continue a story.  When you create a new Voicethread, you select webcam video to record. (See picture below.)

Voicethread Video

  • Also, you can turn on the comment moderation if you want to make a Voicethread into an assessment.  This is under the edit option once your Voicethread is created.

Voicethread Comments

The other ideas came from other participants who use Voicethread in their classes:

  • One teacher sets up a Voicethread in the form of a job interview.  She gives her students 7-8 questions to answer, and she allows them to choose some of the questions that they answer.  I really like the differentiation aspect.
  • Another teacher assigns a Voicethread for homework to prepare for a speaking task.  This way students are practicing speaking instead of writing or taking notes.
  • One teacher uses a Voicethread to practice story retells.  This would be a nice change when students have illustrated a story that they can then retell using Voicethread.
  • In big classes, one teacher said that it works for students to give feedback on an article that they have read.  He notes that it is next to impossible to have students speak in class as much as they can in a Voicethread.
  • Finally, one teacher suggested having students describe a book that they like in a Voicethread.  This would be nice to create before Free Voluntary Reading.

I really like the new versatility that I have discovered in Voicethread, and I am excited to reinvent one of my classroom staples.  How do you use Voicethread in your class?


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