Brillante Viernes: February 24, 2017

Brillante Viernes Feb 24

Happy Friday!  This weather has been phenomenal around DC!  Although it has me ready for Spring Break, and Spring Break is far away.  March is here and with it brings March Music Madness in many FL classes.  I have been updating my Facebook page with all of the brackets across the web.  Here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • I have been focusing on how I am providing feedback.  This post was great.
  • These are some great tips for working with a novel and how to start.
  • I integrated this today!  Have students write 4-word picture stories.
  • I love how Laura is integrating grammar and culture.

Now, #flashbackfriday:

  • How I combined authentic resources
  • Template for an interpretive listening task
  • A small change that I implemented to increase TL use
  • I still love the song Mi Favorita by Renzo!
  • A fashion webquest (one of the links doesn’t work, but you could modify that question)
  • An English website with a lot of conversation starters
  • The game Chaos is people’s favorite post that I wrote

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