Chaos! The game


I found this idea on (where else?!) Pinterest.  It is a game called Chaos.  The original teacher is a math teacher.  I modified it for my students, and we both really enjoy it.  I write questions in Spanish, cut out them out, and scatter them around the room.  The students pair up, and they answer the questions.  When they think that it is right, they show me their answer.  I check the answer, and if they get it right, they roll the die.  Whatever number appears on the die is the number of points they receive for that question.  They can receive anywhere from one to six points for each correct answer.  They tally their points at the end, and the team that has the most points is the winner.  I typically have a couple of dice at my desk to make the process quicker.  However, I wouldn’t have too many dice because then it becomes too hectic.  I buy all of my dice at the Dollar Store.  Each pack has a couple of dice too.

I really like it because I am able to give the students more personalized feedback.  The students also like being able to move around the classroom.  I tell them to leave the questions where they are, so they must go to each question.  I have used this with random questions, but I would like to use it after a reading selection.  The premise of this game could be used for different topics.  Enjoy!

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