Super Bowl 2023 Activities

Each year, I love to spend the Friday before the Super Bowl talking about it! More and more Latino players are starting to play in the NFL. I have kept some of the facts the same as last year, but I have modified some of them for this year. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to state how they celebrate (or do not celebrate the Super Bowl) along with the connections to Latino football players and the Mexican avocado. My lesson plans are through this slideshow.

First, students can list any Latino players or coaches that they know in college or in the NFL. Then they will read through very brief biographies of Latino football players and coaches. After, I have had students complete a Jamboard to talk about what they prefer and why. However, the Google Forms Family Feud version went so well last time- that I made a form for this lesson!

Then at the end- there is a brief interpretive reading and listening activity. I have my students write all of their answers on whiteboards. And they love making predictions about numbers before we see the results! (Just as an FYI- the first graphic about the number of attendees does have beer in the hand of the one of them. You know your school and if you should skip it or not!). If you want some extensions, you can always play some review games to reinforce the vocabulary like the marker game. For a presentational writing extension, you could have students write up their ideal Super Bowl celebration. Students then trade papers with a partner. The partner can choose 3 sentences and rewrite them just using emojis. The students trade papers back and see if they can match the emoji sentences with their original sentences.

For my 8th graders, we used A/Cquisition’s lesson plans on injuries this year about the World Cup. (They were amazing!! If you do not follow these ladies, you should!). I found an infographic on this article that discussed Patrick Mahomes’ injuries past and present. I created these activities to review what they learned and apply them in a new context. I am excited to dive back in to our previous unit and strengthen the connections.

Please share any plans that you have to modify or extend what I have shared!

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