Netflix Unit: Part II

Netflix Unit: Part 2

The next week, I want to focus on describing what is happening and focus on action verbs.  I also want students to be able to classify different movies/TV shows.  At the end of the week, I will have an interpretive reading assessment.  Students will be interpreting movie and/or TV reviews.  They will also have a shorter writing piece where they describe what is happening in a clip.

I plan on doing the following activities to prepare them:

  • I will either use the guide that I created for De que te quiero te quiero or create a new one for another telenovela.  My goal is to have students understanding clips from actual shows, and I create a reading type guide to do so.  I also plan to have students also describing some parts to their partner.
  • Zachary Jones has a lot of great resources where students plan out their trip to the movie theater.
  • This webpage from Bolivia lists current movies with summaries.  It would be easy to give generic interpretive questions (who, what etc) and allow students to choose their movie (within reason!).  You could also create specific questions and have all students read the same review.
  • Also, I found a few video clips of vloggers discussing what to watch on Netflix.  One girl covers her favorite make-up, food and programs, and this man covers his favorite programs.

You can see my previous week plans here as well as my final IPA which serves as my final goal for my students.  I will be publishing the final week before the IPA tomorrow.


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