Google Forms “Family Feud” version

This past Friday, we played a version of Family Feud in my fifth grade class- by using Google Forms and displaying their answers to determine the most popular option quickly! If you haven’t seen the game show Family Feud, a question is asked before the game show and people respond with their answer. Then theContinue reading “Google Forms “Family Feud” version”

2022 Technology Updates/What I use in my own classroom

When I started out with my blog, I talked a lot about technology. I loved utilizing it in each class, and I marveled at what was available for teachers. Then the pandemic hit, and I felt a technology overload. However, since then, I have found some great tools that I still use with my classesContinue reading “2022 Technology Updates/What I use in my own classroom”

Post distance learning world: Now what?!

Whew! I hope that everyone has had time to disconnect after the craziness of last year (and the year before that as well.). I know that many people have been reflecting about what they want to keep post COVID. Many teachers have started using more technology than they ever had before and may want toContinue reading “Post distance learning world: Now what?!”

Jamboard templates for articles, authentic resources and novels

I have been wanting to take some time to play around with Jamboard- one of the apps on Google. I have made a few this or that activities on winter traditions and the Super Bowl. One of my favorite features is how easy they are to edit! My students (especially my fifth and sixth graders)Continue reading “Jamboard templates for articles, authentic resources and novels”

Flippity for a mini-novel project online

We have one more week until break! WHEW! Between virtual teaching and a few long long months of my third trimester, I am exhausted! Good news: I am finishing up the book that I am writing with Florencia Henshaw! It won’t be ready for awhile since it will have to be edited etc, but IContinue reading “Flippity for a mini-novel project online”

What is working virtually: November 2020

This year continues to slog on with frequent changes! I continue to push on with teaching virtually and having my son at home with me. While I can try to roll with the punches, I definitely thrive on routine. It has seemed like my schedule changes monthly which can have me all out of sorts.Continue reading “What is working virtually: November 2020”

World Language Teachers’ Guide to Pear Deck

Although I have been using Pear Deck since 2016, I have never written a full guide as to how and why I use Pear Deck with some examples in Spanish. I noticed that many teachers had posted questions about it. I wanted this guide to help teachers maximize the potential of Pear Deck and seeContinue reading “World Language Teachers’ Guide to Pear Deck”

A round-up of online resources and final novel project

Final project for middle schoolers This week, I designed a final project for my 8th graders. (The link has the instructions and a rubric as well.)They just finished reading Bianca Nieves and we had embedded a few cultural topics throughout. I wanted to try to have my students revisit the activities that they had doneContinue reading “A round-up of online resources and final novel project”

Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!

I hope that everyone is staying safe! These weeks seem to drag on with a lot of putting lessons up, grading and re-grading. I always give students a chance to complete their work later especially during this transition time. But whew! It is hard for me to re-grade assignments during good times. Now, it seemsContinue reading “Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!”