A week of online plans: Spain and the Dominican Republic

This week is our spring break. So we are traveling throughout the city via car and social distance. I am also prepping for next week. I wanted to share my general plans for my classes. Luckily, I was able to give out our end of the year books to my 6th and 8th grade classes.Continue reading “A week of online plans: Spain and the Dominican Republic”

Online and printable activities for extended closings

Whew! That was a week. It was definitely difficult. I am sure that my week mirrored your week. I was dealing with making plans for my own students and then BAM! My son’s school decided to cancel for Friday. At 11:30 PM. After telling us earlier in the evening that they wouldn’t cancel on Friday.Continue reading “Online and printable activities for extended closings”

Updated ideas for teaching online

As the coronavirus has started to spread, more and more schools are discussing how to make learning virtual. Although I have never dealt with a long absence to perhaps this degree, I have taught successful blended classes for many years where half of the class is online. I have also finished classes to learn howContinue reading “Updated ideas for teaching online”

Technology Updates for the World Language Classroom

Being the tech nerd that I am, I love seeing the technology updates for some of my favorite products over the summer!  Typically most edtech companies update their products before the ISTE conference in late June.  Here are some of my favorite companies and their updates that will be relevant for the foreign language classroom:Continue reading “Technology Updates for the World Language Classroom”

Quizalize: My new favorite tech tool for sub or snow days!

When I first rolled out my blended unit plan, I had students take a quiz then based on how they did, they had different tasks to complete.  I thought- Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that differentiated for you?!  Well friends, Quizalize is it!  Quizalize can take a bit of time toContinue reading “Quizalize: My new favorite tech tool for sub or snow days!”

Conceptual maps in units and novels

This year, we planned a PLC to allow us more time to collaborate with both Middle and Upper School teachers.  We have some really excellent language teachers in the Middle School, but it is hard to find time to discuss what we are doing in our classes.  Marcela Velikovsky shared a wonderful idea on howContinue reading “Conceptual maps in units and novels”

End of year video app smash with Flipgrid, Adobe Spark and Goosechase!

So each year, I have wanted to put together an end-of-the-year video for my students.  But each year, I don’t have enough pictures or videos to make it happen.  When I was at the conference with Tina this past summer, I was committed to make it happen.  I still didn’t take nearly enough pictures thisContinue reading “End of year video app smash with Flipgrid, Adobe Spark and Goosechase!”

Google Tours and Slides with novels

I have mentioned before that I really love the Google Teacher Tribe podcast!  I have found two of my newest favorite Google uses for the classroom recently.  One is super LOW prep, and the other is definitely high prep, but I have two that you can already use (and I think it is worth theContinue reading “Google Tours and Slides with novels”