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Noticias: 12 de febrero

noticias 12 de febrero

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I have published my newest edition of news for the Spanish-speaking world for the upcoming week.  These articles highlight:

  • Margot Duhelde, the first female pilot in Chile
  • Colombian boys fighting against machismo
  • Parks in Panama to explore during Carnaval
  • Ice tunnels in Argentina
  • Four Mexicans competing in the winter games

As always, these articles are free to use!  Due to the support of my recent 10 activities, I have included another 10 activities in my TPT store.  I really appreciate everyone who has bought my activities!  I found some more pre- and during reading activities that can be done.  You can also always use some of the activities from my previous pack.  Also, you can modify them to fit your class.  Find which ones you think would resonate with your students and would fit their level as well.  If you ever have an idea for an article, share it with me!  I would love to feature it!  You will find the articles below:

Noticias 12 de febrero

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Noticias: 29 de enero

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 7.15.27 AM

I have made the newest edition to my edition of news summaries for Monday.  They include:

  • Madrid Fashion Week
  • Four new frogs in Peru
  • A new superbattery developed in Mexico
  • Rolled ice cream food truck in Uruguay
  • Nicanor Parra, Chilean poet, dies

The edition of the news is here, and is still free! noticias 29 de enero (1)

I have had people ask for follow-up activities for the news or ideas of how I incorporate them in class.  I have come up with 10 activities that you can buy for $1.50 here at Teachers Pay Teachers!  While I want to mainly keep and make more free information here,  I am hoping to start to develop more resources for TPT.  (I have also included my journal topics for my level 1 class if you are interested!)  Let me know what you think!  If people find them valuable, I will continue to produce extra activities in addition to my news summaries.

As always, thank you for your support!

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Noticias: January 16, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.50.34 AM

Here is the edition of noticias for January 16, 2018.  In light of recent comments by our President about El Salvador and other countries, I highlighted a fashion designer from El Salvador.  While I want students to learn important and relevant news that is occurring in Spanish-speaking countries, that can at times be too negative.  My hope is that these news stories can highlight positive people, places to travel and events that are also occurring to shed a positive light on a variety of countries.  Many times, we can only confront our biases by seeing the opposite portrayed frequently.  I hope that we can continue to find ways in our classes to demonstrate the importance and beauty of people in Spain and Latin America.  In this edition, I have written about:

  • Where you should visit in Latin America according to National Geographic
  • The decision of La Corte Interamericana to recognize the rights of LGBTQ people
  • Venezuela closes its border with the island Curazao
  • Dakar Rally
  • Francesca Miranda, designer from El Salvador

You can find the articles here: Noticias 18 de enero

Some other links that you can use in class to explore some more of these topics:

  • Take a virtual visit to Jujuy and have students check out the menu here and stay at this hostel.  You can give students a budget and have them decide what to order on the menu.  Students can also convert the amount of money required to stay at the hotel to American dollars.
  • Follow along with the Dakar Rally to see who is currently winning!  The page also has beautiful videos that highlight the route and show students what is happening.
  • Check out the designs of Francesca Miranda on her Instagram page.  Have students discuss which outfit they prefer.

Share how you use the news in your class, and I will add it to the list as well!


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Post winter break plans

Post Winter Break Plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school:

  • My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopes from Walter Mercado.  They are best for around Spanish 1B and up.  Horoscopos_ 2018 (1) I also wrote up four quick questions that students can answer.  I like to ask comprehension questions in English, but you could change them to Spanish if you prefer.
  • As I wrote in my Ditch Summit reflections, I plan on having students brainstorm a little from their previous units.  I will have them divide a paper into four quadrants, and I will call out a topic.  For level 1, they can write down any vocabulary that they remember from that unit.  For levels 2 and 5, they can also add other facts that they remember.  Then students share what they remember.  I will repeat this activity four times and give students about a minute to have them write as much as they can remember.  This helps all students recall ideas, and I have found that many students participate who typically don’t raise their hand.  Another quick version of this is using an acronym that you can turn into a game.
  • I also put together some tweets that I found with the hashtag #proposito2018 from Twitter.  This can be done with level 1.  Students can decide if they have the same goal.  Then, they have the opportunity to write their own resolution.
  • I like to hear what happened in students’ lives, but I also try to be cognizant of the differing lifestyles of my students.  I try to come up with questions that all students can answer.  You can also put this with Socrative or PearDeck to make sure all students have a voice.  Some of my favorites are:
    • What was your favorite food that you ate?
    • What did you watch on Netflix or TV?
    • What was your favorite video game that you played?
    • Did you play any sports?  Did you watch any sports?
    • What was your favorite movie that you watched?
    • With whom did you spend time?
    • What was the longest time that you slept?  Or what was the latest time you woke up?
    • What did you wear?  (Our students wear uniforms.)
  • I studied El Gordo with my Spanish V students, so we will look at these pictures from this year’s results.  Here is also a video of some of the children singing the numbers of the lottery.  Also, this little girl singing mil euros was a big hit of El Gordo this year.
  • I have also thought about doing the 12 grapes in class to get started or having a little sparkling cider to start the year!  (Make sure if you get cider that you have a bottle opener, or you can run around the school asking everyone for a bottle opener like me!)

What is your favorite activity for after break?  Share below or on Facebook or Twitter, and I can add it to this list!

Edited to add:  Thanks to everyone who has shared this post and added ideas!

  • Sarah Wisenhunt mentioned that she will do “snacks and stickers” to reinforce proficiency levels.  She will give students an authentic snack such as Gansitos or stickers and then students have to describe the snack or sticker based on their proficiency level in English.  I love this idea to reinforce the proficiency levels and making it much more interactive than my normal presentation!
  • Kristel Rabideau mentioned using mini marshmallows instead of grapes to recreate doce uvas.  Depending on your number of students, this may be much more cost effective.
  • Simone Skierritt also added that she has students write letters to the Three Kings, and they all bring small items in to exchange such as gum or sweets.  This would be perfect, and it takes the pressure off the teacher to provide something.
  • Also, check out Allison’s post on what she is planning on her first few days back.
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Noticias: 18 de diciembre

Noticias 18 de diciembre

Here is the latest edition of my newsletter for your classes!  Thank you to Joseph Persico for helping me to edit this newsletter!  It is hard to continually look at the same document for an extended period of time, so I appreciate the extra eyes!  This edition has articles about:

  • The Central American Juegos Deportivos
  • Ecuador’s Vice President is sentenced to prison
  • Mexico is planning to send robots to the moon
  • Rural trips to take over the New Year in Peru
  • #21DíasDeDarFelicidad

Luckily, I found a lot of websites to extend a few of the articles.  You can check out the final medal tally of los Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos here.  You can have your students find a variety of new sports that they would like to play or have played.  The news section of the website has a variety of sports listed as well.  This would also be great to highlight if you have a student who plays a sport that isn’t mentioned frequently.  Also, if you want to check out more of the tourism website from Peru, is it here.  You can assign students to learn about one trip from the list and try to sell it to the rest of the class.  Make sure students convert the price to your currency, so they can also learn more about Peruvian currency.  Finally, if you want to learn about more of the #21DíasDeDarFelicidad, the newspaper is here.  (You could probably make a whole reading section just about this!  If you do, let me know, and I will include it on the blog!)  Hope some of these ideas help you through the next few days!

18 de diciembre noticias (2)

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Noticias: 4 de diciembre

4 de diciembre noticias

Here is a news round-up for this coming week!  This week, I wrote about:

  • The protests in Honduras following the election
  • The World Cup groups that were announced earlier in the week
  • The berrendo peninsular is in danger of extinction in Mexico
  • El mate and the differences between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
  • The graffiti artists of Chile

I didn’t find too many extended resources, but this website has a ton of information on the graffiti artists in Chile and how much it would cost to go to Russia to watch the World Cup from Mexico.  Hope you enjoy these!  If you ever have an article that you would like me to include, feel free to let me know!  Also, I really appreciate anyone emailing me with errors, so I can correct them.

4 de diciembre noticias (1)

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Plans for Post #ACTFL17

Plans for Post #ACTFL17

It is a big Sunday as many of you are winding down from ACTFL and coming back to a two or three day week.  Maybe you are pumped to start implementing something new, but you need a day or two to put it together.  Plus, students are antsy due to the short week.  Here are a few activities that I put together to infuse more culture into these two days.

My plans for Friday were to discuss the Latin Grammy song of the year.  Then, whomp whomp, it was Despacito.  You can open up a discussion on this on Facebook groups or Twitter, and watch Spanish teachers get all in a tizzy about whether or not they would use it in class.  (For the record, I don’t want to use it!)  I focused on the new nominees instead.  I made a Google Slides of everyone nominated for best new artist.  I shared this with my class and allowed they to choose an artist, research them and embed a school appropriate song into the slides.  Then at the end, we listened to all of the music and their slides.  It was low pressure, and at least to me, the class seemed to fly by!  I also chose this for my class because they really love music.  Also, if you would also like to extend this, you could do a fashion police activity!  Have students rate each outfit and explain why they gave each rating.

In addition, I am continuing my news articles, so you can read these with your class on Monday.  They are a little shorter this weekend, but they include information on who is running for the election in Chile.  The election is actually occurring today, so you could discuss the results with your class.  Black Friday is also covered in a variety of different countries.  You could pull up a variety of promotions to look at and compare/contrast.  You could also have students compare the prices of sales in the US to sales in a variety of Latin American countries.  On the Spanish Teachers Facebook group, someone shared this site of El Buen Fin which is also similar.  Finally, the University San Francisco of Quito tried to beat a Guinness World Record to see how many people they could dress up as Star Wars characters!  Here is the newsletter:

Noticias 20 de octubre

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Noticias: 6 de noviembre

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 8.39.05 PM

Here is the latest edition of my version of Noticias.  In this edition, I included:

  • Selena’s Hollywood Star
  • November 4th celebration in Panama
  • An update on Venezuela
  • A tourist attraction in Ecuador
  • Lego makes 4 NASA scientists (Thanks Bethanie for the suggestion!)

In addition, here are some extension activities:

  • Listen to Selena’s music!
  • Check out the hashtag #vivapanama on Twitter for some short video clips of people celebrating and includes video clips of the parades.
  • Also, you could listen to the Ruben Blades song Patria.
  • Here is the café that I mentioned in the article on Ecuador and the restaurant as well.  You can have students check out some pictures and the menu.

Enjoy!  (Updated to edit typo on last page!)

Noticias 6 de noviembre (1)

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Noticias: October 23, 2017

Noticias 23 de octubre

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I put together a shorter group of articles for Monday.  I helped to host EdCampMetroDC on Saturday, so I couldn’t dedicate as much to this edition.  But, I think it will be friendlier for level 1.  In this edition, I included:

  • The sea of plastic off the coast of Honduras
  • The parade of alebrijes in Mexico City
  • The newest baseball stadium in Nicaragua

To extend it, check out some of these alebrijes from the parade!  They would be perfect for a picture talk to discuss what animals they see in each float.  If you notice any mistakes, please tell me, so I can fix them!  I realized a headline was wrong a few weeks ago!  Here is the PDF:

Noticias 23 de octubre

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Noticias and a few of my favorites from the past week

noticias 9 de octubre

Happy Sunday!  I am waking up slowly with a lot of coffee as a result of chaperoning the Homecoming Dance last night.  It is fun to see all of the students dressed up, though.  I wrote a new set of news articles.  I am hoping to complete this on the off weeks of Martina’s El Mundo en Tus Manos.  I HIGHLY suggest that you buy her subscription for all of the other weeks.  This week, I included:

  • Updates on Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • An article on a Bolivian biologist who is working on biodiversity in Gran Chaco
  • Information on Michoacan cuisine
  • A large archeology excavation in Colombia of muisca artifacts
  • Costa Rica’s tie with Honduras to qualify for the World Cup

I would encourage you to have your students look up various aspects to share based on their interests.  Here is the menu that I shared in the article.  You can also visit the website for Gran Chaco in Argentina that has a lot of pictures of the forest and animals.  This website has information on the Muisca culture.  While the text may be too difficult, you could look at the pictures of artifacts with novices.  Also- you can watch the video of the Costa Rican goal here.

Here is the whole newsletter:

9 de octubre 2017 noticias (1)

Also, there are two ideas that I have done this week that are quickly becoming some of my favorite activities.  I LOVE this idea that Arianne explained from Cynthia about using play-doh to recreate scenes from novels or stories before a gallery walk.  I used this while reading Frida and also after two stories from my Spanish I class.

My other favorite new website is Photos for class.  I found this from the website Ditch that Textbook.  It sorts through all of Flickr pictures AND puts the correct citation on it, so you can attribute them correctly.  It is so easy- dare I say even easier than Google Images?!  Hope these ideas help you in the upcoming week!