El Mundo en Tus Manos: What to do with previous articles?

I have discussed the idea of what to do with these news articles extensively in the past. While each edition comes with many activities and we try to keep them fresh, some days you just want to try something different. First, I encourage you to go back to previous online or reading activities. We recycleContinue reading “El Mundo en Tus Manos: What to do with previous articles?”

Jamboard templates for articles, authentic resources and novels

I have been wanting to take some time to play around with Jamboard- one of the apps on Google. I have made a few this or that activities on winter traditions and the Super Bowl. One of my favorite features is how easy they are to edit! My students (especially my fifth and sixth graders)Continue reading “Jamboard templates for articles, authentic resources and novels”

Super Bowl: 2021 Lesson Plans

Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well! My baby girl finally arrived last Saturday! I have been enjoying the time with her- but I wanted to pop on here to share my activities that I made before she made her grand appearance. Thanks to Bethanie Drew, Martha Balthaser and Vanessa Monell for helpingContinue reading “Super Bowl: 2021 Lesson Plans”

Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!

I think it is telling that I normally post my best of posts from 2020 earlier in December- and here we are jamming them all together! Whew! It has been a year. I am currently EXTREMELY pregnant- and hoping to fit two more weeks in with my students before baby girl comes! I am simultaneouslyContinue reading “Horoscopes 2021 and Best of 2020!”

Super Bowl Reading and Lesson Plans for 2020

Each year, I like to write comprehensible articles about the Super Bowl. Some previous versions are not as relevant, but last year, I wrote about the food that people eat during the Super Bowl and the Pats Army in Mexico. These articles are still timely. In the same post, I also detailed input bracketing aboutContinue reading “Super Bowl Reading and Lesson Plans for 2020”

Súper Tazón lesson plans and a reading

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday!  If you are like me, my students talk about football pretty much year round.  I like to incorporate some of the traditions into my classes.  I have posted some information from previous years.  You can find: Some infographics to use An older article that discusses Ron RiveraContinue reading “Súper Tazón lesson plans and a reading”

Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up

Sometimes, I love a story from El Mundo en Tus Manos so much that I want to create even more materials for it.  And occasionally, I have a three day weekend, so I can do that!  Romeo used to be the world’s loneliest frog in a museum in Bolivia looking for a mate… until recently! Continue reading “Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up”

News article presentations

Following up on the news article unit, we decided to have students give mini presentations on one of the news articles.  I planned this presentation with the other Spanish 3 teacher, and we both have 18 students in our classes.  We decided on the set-up first.  Any time I plan presentations, I really love Laura’sContinue reading “News article presentations”

How to develop a unit around news articles

The other Spanish III teacher and I incorporate a lot of current events into our curriculum.  I knew that this year, I wanted to develop a unit around the news articles that I write with Martina.  I have shared how I supplement articles with these ideas.  However, I wanted to explain how I am makingContinue reading “How to develop a unit around news articles”

46 pages to add to your FVR library for free!

Ok- I will admit, I totally went with a click bait title there!  But it is true! As I have admitted to before, organization is not strong suit.  I have started to become better about it, but it still falls to the bottom of my list.  Organized me would print off copies of my newsContinue reading “46 pages to add to your FVR library for free!”