Quizizz: Lesson updates!

I have always loved Quizizz! Recently, it has been my go to game instead of Kahoot due to the self-pacing aspect. (That and GimKit/Quizlet Live!) If you haven’t tried the original form, check out my post here. I also found myself falling back on using it last year before and during online learning. I really like it as a formative assessment. It was also a fun asynchronous game whereas both GimKit and Quizlet Live are better in the synchronous format. Plus, I loved that I could switch off the scoreboard for my super competitive class. It was also great as a fast finishers activity. It self paces for students when they log in. In spring, I played around with the audio option and found it was another great way to give my students more input!

However, in the past week, Quizizz just rolled out the ability to do lessons! I am excited to try this out with my elementary students in particular! Lessons reminds me of a simpler version of Pear Deck. You can put in information (slides, audio clips, external/YouTube videos) and then move through the lesson as a whole class (as opposed to the self paced version of Quizizz). As you are adding in information, you can also embed questions periodically such as check boxes, multiple choices, polls, fill in the blank and open-ended. If you are adding questions here, keep in mind that Quizizz defaults to give students 30 seconds to answer. You probably want to extend it for open-ended questions. I like that Quizizz lessons can keep some of the game like elements and can self check.

With lessons, you can use it synchronously and asynchronously. This is perfect if you have a class in person and a group of students at home. Just set it as homework and students can complete it with the link and code if they are at home. How would this work in foreign language classes? I wrote up a post on how I use Pear Deck in my classes. I think Quizizz lessons could be used in some of the same ways. I would use them for:

  • Telling a story in class and embedding comprehension checks throughout the story.
  • Looking at various authentic resources since you can embed images and videos then asking questions throughout such as key word identification, comprehension questions, inference questions, main idea etc. (I would say- I like Quizizz/Pear Deck more for multiple authentic resources. If I was just using a video- I would stick with EdPuzzle.)
  • Doing polls in class- I want to start off with a which do you prefer activity in all of my classes through lessons. Also, you can add images to the answers to help with comprehension. (And you can allow for multiple selection!)
  • Pre-listening and reading activities to remind about prior knowledge: you can have students recall vocabulary this way, look at screenshots from the video or reading and write what they see, make predictions a la anticipation guide (which answers are true/false prior to reading the selection or watching the video) etc.

I would love to see how you may use this in your class! I haven’t made a sample yet- just played around with the new features. When I do- I will share it here!

If you are looking for other updated tech tools, check out Lisa’s post on Flipgrid updates!


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