GimKit! An amazing interactive game

So evidently one of my awesome teacher friends (of the Medieval Bestiary Unit fame!) found GimKit and told me about it last week.  I maintain that I was gone during that part of the conversation, but we discussed it again Tuesday afternoon, used it Wednesday morning and had students acting like I had been holdingContinue reading “GimKit! An amazing interactive game”

Let’s have our students speak Spanish together! Collaborate via Flipgrid

I have really been enjoying incorporating Flipgrid into my classes.  In the back of my mind, I have been wanting to set up my classroom with other classes.  But, it keeps getting pushed back on my to do list.  Then, Melanie sent out a tweet to connect with her classes!  We set up a gridContinue reading “Let’s have our students speak Spanish together! Collaborate via Flipgrid”

Guest post: Google en la clase de español…¡Guau!

Today, I am so excited to bring you my first guest post!  This year, I have been learning so much about Google, but Kristine Keefe is an expert.  She takes what many teachers are doing and applies it to foreign language classrooms.  I already have many ideas based on this post, and I hope thatContinue reading “Guest post: Google en la clase de español…¡Guau!”

Five authentic resources for novices and how I used them in class

I was so excited the other day!  I had actually pinned these videos earlier, and they were PERFECT for my unit!  They are the MasterChef Junior contestants introducing themselves in Spanish!  Each one is between 30 seconds to a minute long.  Instead of putting them into EdPuzzle, we watched them as a whole class.  StudentsContinue reading “Five authentic resources for novices and how I used them in class”

Quick tip: Google Forms for Stories

I am definitely run down.  I have been battling a headache on and off for a bit that has made it difficult to get everything done.  I am sure that you have had weeks that are similar.  I saw Martina’s blog about having students write true/false statements about a storyboard.  I wanted to do this,Continue reading “Quick tip: Google Forms for Stories”

Mentimeter: Fun presentation tool

I have appreciated the time that our principals put into planning back to school meetings that made them innovative.  One of our assistant principals used the tool Mentimeter and I instantly fell in love with it!  I really liked a lot of the features, and they were easily apply to foreign language classes.  Mentimeter isContinue reading “Mentimeter: Fun presentation tool”

Tips for teaching with technology

I am a huge advocate of using technology in any classroom but in particular in the foreign language classroom.  I frequently blog about my blended class, and I have presented twice about technology tools that facilitate my foreign language class.  However, using technology can be daunting, and I keep seeing a lot of questions popContinue reading “Tips for teaching with technology”

Quick tip: EdSurge weekly email

I love a good curated email list!  (I still enjoy getting the Intercom every Monday morning in my email box.)  Toward the end of the year, I started to subscribe to the EdSurge newsletter.  Luckily, I had a free block every Thursday morning.  Each week, I enjoyed sitting down and reading the various articles aboutContinue reading “Quick tip: EdSurge weekly email”