A round-up of online resources and final novel project

Final project for middle schoolers

This week, I designed a final project for my 8th graders. (The link has the instructions and a rubric as well.)They just finished reading Bianca Nieves and we had embedded a few cultural topics throughout. I wanted to try to have my students revisit the activities that they had done and tie them back to the book that we read. I am trying to push them to revisit the source to find information there instead of writing it all themselves. The only language that they need to construct is the comparisons. Keep in mind that my students are about an intermediate low to intermediate mid even though they are in 8th grade. You may need to adjust the level for various grades/levels.

To split up their work, I want them to come up with 3/4 cultural elements one day then the fourth cultural element and the comparisons. I also gave them sentence starters if they chose to use them. Finally, I gave them two days to work on the video. The last week, they will upload their videos to Flipgrid. Students can upload videos that they have already made, too. Then, they can see their peers’ work and leave comments on it. For this, I want to have my students leave a message saying their favorite part of the video and something that one person included that they hadn’t thought of. I want to keep this all positive.

I love making videos and pictures on Adobe Spark because I think it is lower prep with limited choices but make a polished product. I created this tutorial for students in case they would like to use this platform.

I haven’t adapted this for my sixth graders yet, but I plan to have them look into two cultural elements and only writing one comparison sentence. I will also require them to use the sentence starters. This will make it more manageable for them, so they can use it more.

New online option for later elementary students

I had been making videos for my third and fourth graders, but I couldn’t tell what they understood. I noticed that EdPuzzle made an open class option! This way, students do not need to create an account. They can just click through and put in their names. This to me is a game changer! It is much quicker for me sometimes to edit an EdPuzzle than to try to record it through YouTube.

Guest speakers for your Zoom classes

Earlier this year, I used the Happy World Foundation to connect my students to people in different Spanish-speaking countries. They are still setting classes up with people in countries throughout the world. If you are like me and you are trying to spice up your face to face classes, reach out to them to see if they can find a speaker for you. With my experience, they have been able to find someone quickly.

Google Tours

I always say this- but I love love love Google Tour Builder! This is something that can spice up your asynchronous lessons. I created one for the book Felipe Alou and Bianca Nieves. (If you have used my old Bianca Nieves tour, I updated it because many of the links were missing.)


3 thoughts on “A round-up of online resources and final novel project

  1. You are amazing, truly.

    Thank you for sharing. I am a better teacher because of your kindness and willingness to share your expertise, experiences and amazing brain!!

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