Post story activity for novices

Thank goodness for Facebook groups! Many are so wonderful! For example, before I start teaching any Señor Wooly song, I go through all posts about them on the Woology group. I have found some amazing games to play. Most recently, I found an activity to create conversations after the song Adónde vas from Lisa Tassone Crowell. Essentially, students will cut out people and then use the speech bubbles (with phrases from Adónde vas) to create new conversations.

I did this with my third grade students, and it was a hit! It was successful for a few reasons:

  • It required understanding by my students and caused them to re-read the phrases.
  • It allowed them to be funny with the language that they understood without trying to write a lot that they do not know. This is great for novices!
  • Initially with my third graders, I cut the script in half and allowed them to work in pairs. This helped them come up with ideas. The second time, I had them work individually and they could choose to do 3 or 6.
  • It could be done relatively quickly (10-15 minutes).
  • It was crafty without requiring art skills or too much time not focused on the language.
  • It can reinforce the you/I forms of verbs that sometimes are missed in story telling.
  • Some students even modified the sentences or wrote their own speech bubbles!

I also have reused this idea since! We recently used it after a MovieTalk. I used screenshots of various characters for students to cut out. I re-used some of the quotes from Adónde vas and edited many of them to include new quotes from our most recent video. This could also easily be done with other stories in the middle of telling them! I am going to use this with the novel by Mira Canion Capibara con botas. Have you done something similar? How could you use this in your classes?


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