How I use Calendar Talk

In this post, I am sharing how calendar talk has started working for me last year and this year. Calendar Talk originated from Tina Hargaden and Claudia Elliott has also helped how I see Calendar Talk. If you are unfamiliar with Calendar Talk, many teachers use it as a way to talk about what isContinue reading “How I use Calendar Talk”

Post story activity for novices

Thank goodness for Facebook groups! Many are so wonderful! For example, before I start teaching any Señor Wooly song, I go through all posts about them on the Woology group. I have found some amazing games to play. Most recently, I found an activity to create conversations after the song Adónde vas from Lisa TassoneContinue reading “Post story activity for novices”

Introduction to Ecuador: Novices

I have one more week before teaching planning starts! I am really starting to switch from overall planning to starting to produce more materials for my students. Last year, I used Edi el Elefante with my fourth graders. It is a great novel! I loved the teacher’s guide, and we played some really fun games.Continue reading “Introduction to Ecuador: Novices”

A performance artist eats $120,000 banana!

Did you see the story about the man who decides to eat a banana that was part of an art exhibit in Miami?!  A performance artist ate a banana that was taped up to the wall that someone had already paid $120,000 for!  (FYI- I saw this reminder somewhere else, but you can pay .19Continue reading “A performance artist eats $120,000 banana!”