Conferences and workshops

I was lucky to attend NECTFL this year and present with the absolutely wonderful Rebecca Blouwolff. If you haven’t attended your regional conference, and you have the ability to attend- you should! There are really great sessions by a variety of presenters. Also, if you have been presenting on your own and haven’t presented withContinue reading “Conferences and workshops”

FLENJ Presentation and Reflections

I was excited to participate in the series of Tech Chats with the Foreign Language Association of New Jersey! I will say that I have been eyeing some of the former chats and really wanted to go, but things are hard. So give yourself some grace (a big part of the chat!) and know thatContinue reading “FLENJ Presentation and Reflections”

ACTFL Reflections: Authentic Resources

This ACTFL, I really wanted to make sure that I had a chance to see people who I don’t get to see all year.  Therefore, my sessions weren’t focused on one single thing, but I ended up with a few key strands that I can develop and focus on this year.  One of the firstContinue reading “ACTFL Reflections: Authentic Resources”

Brillante Domingo, ideas for tomorrow and post-ACTFL

Happy Friday Sunday!  I am straight up exhausted from ACTFL, and I didn’t even have to travel that far to get home!  I have been to three other ACTFLs, but this one was incredible.  It was a great mix of friends from home, friends from afar and new friends.  Thank you so much to everyoneContinue reading “Brillante Domingo, ideas for tomorrow and post-ACTFL”

Other Maris Hawkins Resources

Today, I wanted to give a quick round-up of places where you could find more of my resources as a few deals on going on today/tomorrow! I am participating again at Comprehensible Online!  In my session, I detail how I spice up whole class novel instruction.  At first, I really struggled with it, but nowContinue reading “Other Maris Hawkins Resources”

Reflections from NECTFL: Part I- This Week

This was my favorite NECTFL ever!  Granted I have only been to one other one before- but it was still my favorite!  I was able to connect with many more language teachers than before, Michelle Walpole was pretty much my conference buddy (and I could count on her to know where to go if IContinue reading “Reflections from NECTFL: Part I- This Week”

Accessible Authentic Resources: NECTFL 2019

NECTFL has been so amazing this year!  While I will have to probably post 10 blog posts to digest all of the information- my biggest takeaway has been- why didn’t I do workshops sooner?  I learned so much my first day alone!  Today, I will be presenting on how to make authentic resources accessible usingContinue reading “Accessible Authentic Resources: NECTFL 2019”