Conferences and workshops

I was lucky to attend NECTFL this year and present with the absolutely wonderful Rebecca Blouwolff. If you haven’t attended your regional conference, and you have the ability to attend- you should! There are really great sessions by a variety of presenters. Also, if you have been presenting on your own and haven’t presented with someone else- I highly recommend it! It was enlightening to think through our presentation in the months before the conference, and I believe that it made our presentation even stronger. Thank you to everyone who came to our session! It was also amazing to meet even more language teachers. You all continue to inspire me- and I learned so much in the conference as well.

Our session was on feedforward and how to adjust your lessons after an assessment. I did a shorter version for the National Foreign Language Center that is still available on YouTube if you are interested!

If you are wishing that you could go to conferences or workshops, I have a few coming up that I wanted to mention. I will also add any other conferences or workshops here as well as they are published!

  • Florencia and I have a workshop with FLENJ this coming May 4th. We will be talking about second language acquisition theories and how those apply to the three proficiency modes.
  • Lynne and I are excited for another year of EdCampCIVa in Virginia Beach again this June 27-28! We are expanding it to two days. The first day will be the traditional flexible sessions made that day. The second day will be a series of workshops to give participants more time to delve into the topics. And as always- it is free!
  • I will be traveling to Corpus Christi July 14-15 to present at the summer institute there. I am excited to looking at how to plan a full unit from assessments to resources, input and output activities and finally effective feedback.

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