Reflections on the year and plans for this summer and next year

Whew! It has been awhile. Like many people, I struggled with this transition to being at home and trying to work. It took me awhile to pinpoint my struggle- but to me, it became the fact that my day was overcome with administrative things (emailing everyone about assignments and grading.) Those were typically my dayContinue reading “Reflections on the year and plans for this summer and next year”

FLENJ Presentation and Reflections

I was excited to participate in the series of Tech Chats with the Foreign Language Association of New Jersey! I will say that I have been eyeing some of the former chats and really wanted to go, but things are hard. So give yourself some grace (a big part of the chat!) and know thatContinue reading “FLENJ Presentation and Reflections”

Part IV: How I plan without a textbook; Comprehensible Input and Authentic Resources

This post is part of a series about how I plan without a textbook. The first part discusses how I decide what to teach, then how I decide on goals and finally assessments. Today, I will look how I plan a unit to include both comprehensible input and authentic resources. I believe that as teachersContinue reading “Part IV: How I plan without a textbook; Comprehensible Input and Authentic Resources”

ACTFL Reflections: Authentic Resources

This ACTFL, I really wanted to make sure that I had a chance to see people who I don’t get to see all year.  Therefore, my sessions weren’t focused on one single thing, but I ended up with a few key strands that I can develop and focus on this year.  One of the firstContinue reading “ACTFL Reflections: Authentic Resources”

How to transition to using more comprehensible input

This week, I used the great TCI locator to meet up with a local teacher who is interested in switching to using CI.  It was extremely beneficial for me, and it was also great to hear concerns of teachers who want to use CI.  One thing that we both noted is how overwhelming it canContinue reading “How to transition to using more comprehensible input”

Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish

After the news unit, students created a news project.  My colleague is writing up that project, and I will share it here as well.  We had two weeks before the exam period which is lasting almost two weeks.  Our students don’t take an exam (notice my uptick in blogging recently!), so my colleague and IContinue reading “Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish”