EdCampCIVa reflections 2019

EdCampCIVa Year 3

I am so happy to report that we had another successful edcamp this year!  It continues to grow, and we were up to 53 people this time!  It has been great to see the same faces year after year, so we can start to really develop a relationship that goes beyond professional development.  And as always- it is exciting to see more people join us.  We ended up with a huge Latin group this year.  I have told many people before that I have learned a lot along with my Latin teacher friends as they have started using CI.

Some people have asked me how to set up an edcamp.  I have blogged about how to set it up here as well as the day of the event.  One change that we made was to push the time back a bit and provide lunch instead of breakfast.  We felt that this allowed people to talk more at lunch because they had already met and would continue conversations from the previous day.  We will continue to plan for this next year.

We started the day with a share out of resources that had helped people transition to using comprehensible input.  I added links and included it here.

My first session that I went to was with elementary teachers!  I was so excited to talk shop with elementary teachers since I will be one next year again!  There were a few ideas that really stuck with me:

  • We discussed using yoga in the pre-K/K classroom and pairing it with animals and animal sounds.  I love yoga, and I can see myself creating a little sequence to do with my students!  Also, I want to create some laminated pictures to use.
  • We also discussed using commercials as the base for a story/lesson.  I always create a unit around the Spanish Christmas lottery commercial, but I have moved away from using commercials in the class.  Mostly because I forget!  Hopefully, I will have time to prepare some lessons this summer, so they are ready to go for the school year.
  • Finally, we looked at some post story assessment.  With younger students, I won’t need to give them formal grades, but I want to see what they understand.  One teacher showed how she gave choices like draw the story, or write what you understand in English or the target language.  I like that with Seesaw, I could also have students retelling it in either the target language or English.

In the next session, we discussed MovieTalk.  Even though I have used MovieTalks before, I love hearing how others use it because I always get new ideas!

  • One teacher shared how she picks out exciting sports clips to highlight.  This would be great for me to use before the Felipe Alou book!
  • Also, if you have had trouble with students paying attention for the whole MovieTalk, you could talk about the clip for a shorter period of time then really focus on the readings.  Also, one teacher writes readings based on the perspective of other characters in the video!  (Genius!)
  • Finally, one teacher suggests getting ideas from videos from what students are watching.  Many times, even if students have watched the video before, they are still excited to watch it again and discuss it in the target language.

In the last session, we discussed ideas to minimize your prep especially when starting out with CI.

  • One teacher shared how she has a class mascot.  If there are early finishers, she has students go out and take pictures of it in various school locations.  Then, as a class, they discuss the pictures.  This is so much fun!
  • We also discussed AnneMarie’s Quick Rubrics for reading and listening pieces.
  • Many of us also discussed the success of Write and Discuss.
  • Finally, I wrote a post here about transitioning to using more CI and some low prep activities.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who attended and shared!  It only gets better because of you.  And obviously- the biggest thanks to Lynne Hendrick who plans this every year with me!  She is awesome and her daughters are the best volunteers that anyone could ask for!

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