TPT: Back to School Sale

Whew! This has been a crazy summer! Mostly I have been working on a book (eeee!!!)- more details as it gets sooner to being done!- and some webinars. I have also been taking a lot of time for me after a stressful end of the year (and a probably even more stressful start to 2020Continue reading “TPT: Back to School Sale”

Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!

I hope that everyone is staying safe! These weeks seem to drag on with a lot of putting lessons up, grading and re-grading. I always give students a chance to complete their work later especially during this transition time. But whew! It is hard for me to re-grade assignments during good times. Now, it seemsContinue reading “Updates: Online Learning and TPT sale!”

Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series

If you follow Kara’s blog, you have heard about Go! Vive a tu manera.  As a mom of a five and a half year old, I find it hard to “binge watch” anything.  I officially binge watched both season 1 and 2!  I am hooked!  It is definitely cheesy but in a fun way.  IContinue reading “Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series”

Last few hours of the Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Ahh!  This spring has been CRAZY!!!  I have a lot of changes going on.  And with all of the changes and the general end of year craziness- I am done.  (But not actually done with school things until the beginning of June!) I wanted to put together this post yesterday, but with all the craziness,Continue reading “Last few hours of the Teachers Pay Teachers store!”

Other Maris Hawkins Resources

Today, I wanted to give a quick round-up of places where you could find more of my resources as a few deals on going on today/tomorrow! I am participating again at Comprehensible Online!  In my session, I detail how I spice up whole class novel instruction.  At first, I really struggled with it, but nowContinue reading “Other Maris Hawkins Resources”

Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!

I have been meaning to share this video that I used for MovieTalk last trimester with my Spanish 1 class!  It is called ¡Hola Llamigo!  It is a cute story about a boy who loves to take care of the llamas on his dad’s farm, but they all end up going to parties to becomeContinue reading “Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!”

La Lotería de la Navidad: Levels 2-3

Kara and I have been busy making these units!  While she took upper levels and level 1, I aimed for level 2 and 3.  Some of our ideas are modified from each other (the slideshow, the BVP task, the introductory reading) and then we each put our own spin on it!  It was a lotContinue reading “La Lotería de la Navidad: Levels 2-3”

Supplemental CI and authentic resource activities for a textbook

I am not a big jumper- in fact I frequently advocate for small change.  I admire people who ditch their whole curriculum and textbook and make sweeping changes.  I had been playing around with comprehensible input, teaching with novels and teaching for proficiency for about seven years before I ditched my textbooks completely.  I alsoContinue reading “Supplemental CI and authentic resource activities for a textbook”

Video Professional Development for World Language Teachers

I am so excited about my latest project!  I have been thinking (and probably over thinking this) for months, but I continually want to work on how I can provide professional development for many teachers.  I recognize that it can be difficult for teachers to go to a variety of conferences throughout the year dueContinue reading “Video Professional Development for World Language Teachers”