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New unit on Venezuela and TPT sale!

Unit on the Venezuelan crisis and TPT sale

This summer, I have had two goals for units that I wanted to develop.  I have wanted to work on a unit for Go! Vive tu manera and a unit to start the year to update my students about what is going on in Venezuela.  As the crisis continues to develop, I want students to have background knowledge, so we are able to discuss it.  To share with everyone, I have developed an introduction to Venezuela through the song Vamo a la calle.

I have included:

  • an introduction to the singers with PearDeck
  • a way to describe the song before students watch it
  • a presentation that describes some of the symbols in the video
  • some extension activities

If you like this, you can check out my full unit on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I have developed a 10 day unit aimed for levels 2-3 Spanish classes.  I have also included optional extension activities if you would like to make the unit longer.  In this unit, I have:

  • an introduction to Venezuela through travel sites
  • a presentation with a timeline to review the political situation
  • a station day about the migration
  • an interpretive reading/presentational writing assessment
  • a final presentational writing assessment/project with rubrics included
  • a MovieTalk script for a video about the food scarcity

I finished this unit today, so you can buy it tomorrow and Wednesday on sale!  (You can use the code BTS19 for 25% off!)  The sale starts on August 6th and goes until August 7th.  While you are there, check out my supplemental activities for Go! as well.

Finally, Martina and I have been working on the summer edition for El Mundo en Tus Manos– but this is your chance to pick it up on sale before our first edition drops.  We are including activities this year, and you can see the preview here.

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Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series

Supplemental Activities for the Argentinian TV series.png

If you follow Kara’s blog, you have heard about Go! Vive a tu manera.  As a mom of a five and a half year old, I find it hard to “binge watch” anything.  I officially binge watched both season 1 and 2!  I am hooked!  It is definitely cheesy but in a fun way.  I showed one episode with English subtitles to my Spanish 3 students, and many of them loved it.  Next year, I want to use the series in my 8th grade class.  They are level 2-3ish.  Plus as Kara said, I LOVE that it is appropriate!  Some other series are not and also have much longer episodes- over 60 minutes.  These episodes are around 30 minutes.

I have started by creating an episode guide for episodes 1 and 2 for these levels.  I am sharing this for free, and I will be updating it throughout the summer/school year.  As you watch it with your students, they help you by filling in the blanks or choosing the correct word.

Kara did a great job of explaining it on her blog, but make sure you are going slow!  Any time you pause to go over the paragraph in the guide, ask for students opinions.  Treat it as a MovieTalk.  I love to use MovieTalk to review basics like:

  • feelings
  • clothes
  • weather
  • time
  • descriptions
  • items in a room/house/class etc.  (A simple: ¿qué ves? allows students to do a quick vocab brain dump)

Although I would also encourage you to go with the flow with your class.  Do a MovieTalk a few times, and let them watch/enjoy other parts.  You can get a feel for when students are ready to talk about a section or ready to move on.  If you treat it like a MovieTalk, you could do any extension activities after it.  Some of my favorites (from this list for novels!) include:

  • Collaborative Mural
  • Predictions as a pre-watching activity
  • Recreate scenes from the episodes
  • Jigsaw activities after a few episodes

If you don’t want to make any extension activities, I have created some activities on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have included activities for the first two episodes, but I will continue to add to this packet here.  In this packet, I included:

  • Pre and post watching activities
  • Webquest for an Argentinian school
  • A cultural reading about basketball in Argentina with extension activities and a making thinking visible activity
  • A presentational writing practice
  • An interpersonal speaking practice
  • An interpretive reading assessment after episode 2

I hope that this inspires you to use this series next year in your classes!

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Last few hours of the Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Teachers Pay Teachers sale

Ahh!  This spring has been CRAZY!!!  I have a lot of changes going on.  And with all of the changes and the general end of year craziness- I am done.  (But not actually done with school things until the beginning of June!)

I wanted to put together this post yesterday, but with all the craziness, I didn’t get to it.  I am participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers store sale!  You can get 25% off with the code: GIFT4YOU.  If you haven’t seen our free edition of the newsletter, El Mundo en Tus Manos, check it out!  The newsletter will be on sale for $56!  It will go up to $80 after June 1st.

This year, I have been adding a few more products to my store to help teachers who want to move away from the textbook.  I have been including traditional textbook themes, but I have added proficiency and comprehensible input based activities.  In addition, I also have included news type articles that cover culture and activities associated with these.  These have really helped teachers!  One teacher commented that they are great resources with a lot of activities to choose from.  Another teacher commented that it helped her cover all of the vocabulary she was “supposed to” cover but in a more interactive way.  So far I have a house unit, clothes unit, food unit and community unit.  They are all on sale for $2.40.

As more teachers want to assess with Integrated Performance Assessments, I have included some of mine in my store as well.  I have a daily routine assessment, restaurant assessment, clothing assessment, and my end of the year level 1 Bolivia assessment.  Each assessment includes an interpretive, interpersonal and presentational section.  I also included rubrics and an answer key for any interpretive assessment.  These are on sale for $3.20.

I hope that this helps you finish the year strong!  I appreciate all of your support!

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Other Maris Hawkins Resources

Today, I wanted to give a quick round-up of places where you could find more of my resources as a few deals on going on today/tomorrow!

I am participating again at Comprehensible Online!  In my session, I detail how I spice up whole class novel instruction.  At first, I really struggled with it, but now when I ask students what they want to do more of in the third trimester- many of them say read another novel!  In my session, I talk about:

  • pre, during and post reading activities
  • how to tie in culture
  • how I assess novels using IPAs

As a presenter, I get a sneak peek of the other sessions.  Since it is exam week for students, I am watching as many as I can and taking a ton of notes!  Here are some of my favorite takeaways so far:

  • AnneMarie Chase is an amazing blogger!!  I had read about her magic cards for grading, but I loved hearing her explain them!  I want to try them the next time we read a novel as a class.  Also, even though I have been using her reading and listening quizzes, it helped to hear how she graded them.
  • During the session on MovieTalks with Maureen Lamb, I learned so many low prep techniques!  I love the idea of creating a word wall as students are watching the movie, and then have them write while using some of the key words.  I also liked the tip on labeling the scene with key words if you are projecting onto a whiteboard.
  • Even though Bess and I both discussed novels, we each approach them in a different way!  One new variation of snowball she mentioned I had never heard of!  She has students record one sentence, then they ball up their paper and throw it into the middle of the room.  After that, another student grabs the paper and adds the next sentence and so on and so forth.  You could even turn it into a variation of write, draw and pass.  Each student illustrates the sentence then the next person writes the following sentence.

I am only a few videos in, and my notes are already covering a page!  I hope that you will join us!  You can get $25 off if you use the code: Maris19

Also today and tomorrow is another sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I wanted to highlight a few things that I have done.

  • Martina and I have been super busy putting together the news articles each week for El Mundo en Tus Manos!  We even have been including extra pages from time to time to cover all of the current events in Venezuela.  If you want to incorporate more of these events into your classes, you can just buy the spring edition.  You will be able to access all of the older articles from January and February, and then we add one more each week through May 27th.  I have also pulled old editions when I start a new novel to introduce students to the culture.
  • I recently developed a full unit around the articles, and I detailed my plans here.  However, if you would like more activities to do on a day to day basis, I wrote a list of 50+ activities to do here.  I also updated it to include two assessments for you to include with news articles.
  • Finally, as I have made the transition to teaching with both comprehensible input and proficiency, it was difficult to fuse the two and follow the textbook.  I have been slowly writing up all of my resources that you can use to supplement any textbook and to infuse both CI, proficiency and culture into your classes immediately!  I have:

ps: If you haven’t signed up for Spanish Teacher Success Academy– do it!!  It is a FREE conference for ALL foreign language teachers.  I am presenting on IPAs and how I use them in my class.  My video is live March 11th and will be available for 48 hours.  If you want access for longer or want access to extras, there is a paid option as well.  Make sure you sign up and watch as many videos as you can!

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Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!

activities for post thanksgiving break

I have been meaning to share this video that I used for MovieTalk last trimester with my Spanish 1 class!  It is called ¡Hola Llamigo!  It is a cute story about a boy who loves to take care of the llamas on his dad’s farm, but they all end up going to parties to become piñatas.  Then he befriends one of them and is worried that he will be sent off, too!  My students really enjoyed it.  Many teachers are able to just tell the story, but most of my students prefer when I give them an outline of notes.  It also helps focus me on our key words.  At times, teachers have lamented that with comprehensible input, some students don’t feel that they are learning anything.  I believe with small changes like this, you can make your class feel more focused, help your students who need to refocus on notes and make sure that you as the teacher hit the key words that you want to use.

This was my second unit of the year in level 1.  In this unit, we talked about where students go before and after school and on the weekends.  I had done a quick exit slip the day before and noted that my students were having trouble with to go.  In this video, the boy goes many places, so we were able to keep reviewing that verb.  Here are the notes that I gave my students to guide them throughout the video.  This also helped me continue to work on the question word where.  Finally, at the end, we discussed if the events occurred before or after to continue to work on those words as well.

While I share these notes with you, you can also decide what words that work with your curriculum.  The beauty of most MovieTalks is that you can make them work for you!  I did this during the second half of our classes.  In addition, you can use a variety of activities to extend the video.  I have had one of my students write a true/false quiz throughout the video.  Then, I read the questions to the students at the end.  Each student writes down on their own notes if the question is true or false.  You can also correct anything that needs to be corrected as you read their sentences.

Another fun game to do post MovieTalk is the papelitos game.  I will give each of pair of my students a small sticky note.  I will think of true/false questions about the video.  If the question is true, my students will race to be the first to grab their paper and beat their partner.  Whichever student has the paper will earn one point.  However, if it is false, students have to leave the sticky note alone.  If a student grabs it when it is false, their PARTNER gets two points.  This makes them really have to listen to the sentence and not just grab the sticky note willy nilly.  Finally, you can always end the class with a quick Write and Discuss.  This is another way that my students feel that they are taking more “notes.”  I have also noticed that it has improved my students presentational writing.

On the second day, I had my students retell in partners using this slideshow.  They would brainstorm with a partner then share aloud to the class.  This lowers the pressure and allows them to practice.  Plus, everyone can shine as I would encourage for them to think of more details that no one else had said.  That helped with the variety.  I could also recycle some questions if I felt that my students needed to help with some key ideas.  Since I had not done a write and discuss the previous day, I had my students complete a free write for five minutes.  After they do so, I have them count the number of words, write it on the bottom of the paper and take a picture to upload it to Seesaw.  This has been a nice way to keep track of their free writes.  You can mix and match these ideas to create a new MovieTalk lesson plan for Monday!

If you want to change things up for Monday or want ideas for an upper level class, check out these resources:

  • The Salad Bowl game is one of my favorites, and I always end up in tears because I am laughing so much!  It is a fun way to review from the previous few months and get back into the swing of school.
  • The Constantinople activity can be another easy way to start back into the routine of remembering words in the target language.
  • Have you seen Dustin’s Christmas commercial bracket in Spanish AND French?!  I did this last year, and my students loved it.
  • If you haven’t tried GimKit Kit Collab, I highly recommend it!  The students can add multiple questions and then play their own Kit!
  • Or you could do a Pecha Kucha about Thanksgiving break!  Students can pick two pictures that represent their breaks and have 20 seconds to explain each one in the target language.
  • Another way to get students back into the swing of things is to do some retrieval practice.  Try some brain dumps to have students recall key words or facts from each of your units from the beginning of the year.  After brainstorming key ideas, have students create a conceptual map with their thoughts.

On Monday and Tuesday, don’t forget to participate with the TPT sale!  My store is on sale for up to 25% off.  You have to use the code cyber18 to get the discount!  I have just uploaded two new items including:

  • This unit for Spanish 2-3 with the newest anuncio out of Spain.  In it, I include an assessment to use with the unit.
  • I also created this bundle with an IPA to use for the clothes unit and supplemental material that you can use to accompany any textbook unit.  My materials include both comprehensible input activities and proficiency based activities.

Don’t forget the news!

  • Martina’s and my news articles are also on sale!  This year, since we have been collaborating, we have been including authentic resources to supplement the articles.  This trimester, I am going to focus my whole Spanish III class around these articles, so I will be publishing on my blog more ways to use them in class!
  • I have also published a long list of ideas for you to use with the articles.  They do require some combing and occasionally minimal prep, but they will stretch the articles into at least two days worth of lessons.

Finally, I hope to spread more professional development through my store.  I know that not everyone can see me live, so I have added these two videos to explain how I balance both proficiency and comprehensible input in my classes.

  • I have a longer video on how I combine both CI and proficiency in my class with an outline of a unit in my class.
  • In addition, I share how to create an IPA after teaching a novel with ideas that I have used as well.

I hope that you can pick up some resources that you have been eyeing, and you have a wonderful day back from break!


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La Lotería de la Navidad: Levels 2-3

22 otra vez

Kara and I have been busy making these units!  While she took upper levels and level 1, I aimed for level 2 and 3.  Some of our ideas are modified from each other (the slideshow, the BVP task, the introductory reading) and then we each put our own spin on it!  It was a lot of fun to develop this together and collaborate.  In addition to these activities, I added my own Integrated Performance Assessment with accompanying rubrics, a Flipgrid activity and a two page reading activity about the cultural products in the commercial with accompanying activities.  You can determine what levels will work best for your students!

You can buy it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  Thank you for your support!

Below I have included a preview of the first few slides, so you can decide if it will be the appropriate level for your students:

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Supplemental CI and authentic resource activities for a textbook

supplemental ci and authres activities for a textbook

I am not a big jumper- in fact I frequently advocate for small change.  I admire people who ditch their whole curriculum and textbook and make sweeping changes.  I had been playing around with comprehensible input, teaching with novels and teaching for proficiency for about seven years before I ditched my textbooks completely.  I also work in a department with other teachers who like to teach more grammar and vocabulary lists than I do.  I need to make sure that my students are prepared for their classes.  Therefore, my class is always evolving, but I try to make my students successful in my class and hopefully in their next class as well.  As I continue to think about what I want to do here on my blog, one of my big goals is to help teachers who are transitioning from a textbook or who work in a department where their colleagues still use more traditional approaches who were just like me.  I also believe that it is possible to combine both proficiency style methods and CI methods as well.  So much so that I explained how I did this in a video earlier this summer.  After the video, I went over a series of lessons that I would do to combine both.  But this can also seem daunting- and I know that.

Recently, I have been working on a project to make both CI and proficiency resources for textbook units.  I currently have finished two: clothes and house.  These are all supplemental activities to help teachers who still use a textbook.  For both resources, I wrote three articles.  They aren’t current events, but I include some relevant news with a biography of a famous Hispanic person associated with the theme.  I then wrote pre-, during and post reading activities to accompany these readings, so teachers will have activities to accompany them.

I have also included one other CI activity (Clipchat/MovieTalk or a story to tell/draw) in each packet.  Then, I included an interpretive reading activity from an authentic reading and a listening activity.  Finally, I included puedos to incorporate into the unit.  I would love feedback on if this works for you in your classroom.  I hope that teachers can find ways to work these into their existing textbook series.  Then, as they become more confident and comfortable, they can continue to make more changes.  I hope that you will find these useful!  Let me know if there are other units that I should tackle.

If you are interested, wait until Tuesday, August 21 to buy these units!  My whole store will be 25% off!

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Video Professional Development for World Language Teachers

Video PD for WL teachers

I am so excited about my latest project!  I have been thinking (and probably over thinking this) for months, but I continually want to work on how I can provide professional development for many teachers.  I recognize that it can be difficult for teachers to go to a variety of conferences throughout the year due to cost and travel.  I also recognize that it seems like the world language profession is changing quickly, and it can be hard to catch up.

I have decided to start creating a few videos to help!  It is definitely time-consuming… as many of these videos had to be remade because I messed up or a little boy came bursting in to tell me something!  My goal for them is that it helps people implement new techniques into their own classes.  I also wanted to start to roll some out this summer when teachers have more time to watch them.

Recently, I have been working on two new videos:  The first is a free video on how to set up Flipgrid and how to use it in the world language classroom.  The second video is on how I integrate IPAs into the novel studies that I do in my classes.  I hope that after you watch these, you feel more comfortable to use them in your classes.  I wanted to keep them under an hour, so people have time to watch them (and I don’t get too wordy!)  However, in both documents, I have shared a linoit link for you to post questions that I can respond to or others can as well!

I would love to hear other videos that you think would be useful!  I have a few ideas in the works, but I want input as I continue to work to bring more professional development to more people.  To celebrate these videos and the recent IPAs that I have added to my store, I am throwing a sale in my TPT store this weekend.  I have put all of my items up for 20% off.  As always, thank you for your support as I continue to develop as a teacher and blogger and now… pesudo vlogger!

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End of the year IPA: Level 1

End of the Year: Spanish IPA Level 1

I am popping back to my blog to let you know that I recently wrote up everything that I used for my end of the year IPA for level 1 for my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I hope to continue to populate my store with various IPAs that I have used these past two years.  For this IPA, I wanted students to be able to read about and discuss what they do in their day to day life since these topics are typically covered in level 1.  They looked at life in Bolivia in an interpretive reading, then they participated in an interpersonal speaking discussing their own lives and compared the two in a presentational writing.

With this item, I included rubrics for interpretive reading, interpersonal speaking and presentational writing.  Since it is in a Google Drive, you can copy the information and edit it if needed.  I hope that if you are making the transition to IPAs that you will find it useful!