Other Maris Hawkins Resources

Today, I wanted to give a quick round-up of places where you could find more of my resources as a few deals on going on today/tomorrow!

I am participating again at Comprehensible Online!  In my session, I detail how I spice up whole class novel instruction.  At first, I really struggled with it, but now when I ask students what they want to do more of in the third trimester- many of them say read another novel!  In my session, I talk about:

  • pre, during and post reading activities
  • how to tie in culture
  • how I assess novels using IPAs

As a presenter, I get a sneak peek of the other sessions.  Since it is exam week for students, I am watching as many as I can and taking a ton of notes!  Here are some of my favorite takeaways so far:

  • AnneMarie Chase is an amazing blogger!!  I had read about her magic cards for grading, but I loved hearing her explain them!  I want to try them the next time we read a novel as a class.  Also, even though I have been using her reading and listening quizzes, it helped to hear how she graded them.
  • During the session on MovieTalks with Maureen Lamb, I learned so many low prep techniques!  I love the idea of creating a word wall as students are watching the movie, and then have them write while using some of the key words.  I also liked the tip on labeling the scene with key words if you are projecting onto a whiteboard.
  • Even though Bess and I both discussed novels, we each approach them in a different way!  One new variation of snowball she mentioned I had never heard of!  She has students record one sentence, then they ball up their paper and throw it into the middle of the room.  After that, another student grabs the paper and adds the next sentence and so on and so forth.  You could even turn it into a variation of write, draw and pass.  Each student illustrates the sentence then the next person writes the following sentence.

I am only a few videos in, and my notes are already covering a page!  I hope that you will join us!  You can get $25 off if you use the code: Maris19

Also today and tomorrow is another sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I wanted to highlight a few things that I have done.

  • Martina and I have been super busy putting together the news articles each week for El Mundo en Tus Manos!  We even have been including extra pages from time to time to cover all of the current events in Venezuela.  If you want to incorporate more of these events into your classes, you can just buy the spring edition.  You will be able to access all of the older articles from January and February, and then we add one more each week through May 27th.  I have also pulled old editions when I start a new novel to introduce students to the culture.
  • I recently developed a full unit around the articles, and I detailed my plans here.  However, if you would like more activities to do on a day to day basis, I wrote a list of 50+ activities to do here.  I also updated it to include two assessments for you to include with news articles.
  • Finally, as I have made the transition to teaching with both comprehensible input and proficiency, it was difficult to fuse the two and follow the textbook.  I have been slowly writing up all of my resources that you can use to supplement any textbook and to infuse both CI, proficiency and culture into your classes immediately!  I have:

ps: If you haven’t signed up for Spanish Teacher Success Academy– do it!!  It is a FREE conference for ALL foreign language teachers.  I am presenting on IPAs and how I use them in my class.  My video is live March 11th and will be available for 48 hours.  If you want access for longer or want access to extras, there is a paid option as well.  Make sure you sign up and watch as many videos as you can!

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