FLENJ Presentation and Reflections

I was excited to participate in the series of Tech Chats with the Foreign Language Association of New Jersey! I will say that I have been eyeing some of the former chats and really wanted to go, but things are hard. So give yourself some grace (a big part of the chat!) and know that there is a recording available later! 🙂

The link to watch the whole video is here. And my portion of the presentation is here.

Also- there is one more chat– with Noah Geisel, Samara Spielberg, and Julia Koch!

In my further reflections of how I can improve as an educator during this time, I am trying to use the same tools, but in new ways. One idea I got from Kara Jacobs. She used Flipgrid to do a dictation. For one chapter, I recorded a few sentences, students wrote them down then would correct any false statements. They would record a video saying (in the TL): 1. True, 2. False- Then read the correct sentence, 3. True etc. My other Flipgrid variation was a variation on something that I read on Lisa’s blog. I had my students act out a sentence from a book we were reading. Then, the students had to guess what sentence it was. That was fun to watch!

Another reflection, I posted on Twitter was that it is easy to get overwhelmed with what is being shared. I saw an amazing slideshow shared in a Facebook group by Theresa Ann. It was SO WONDERFUL. But it didn’t tie in with what I was doing. I didn’t use it for now, but I may go back to it in the future- or use what she posted to come up with my own version! When I feel like I want to do ALL THE THINGS, I try to remember what my students need more practice with. Have they had a lot of reading recently? Then, I should find a video for them to listen to. Have they spoken? If not, Flipgrid time it is!

Finally, I am starting to come up with more on going smallish projects for my students. I realized that I was giving assignment after assignment after assignment. How much was I having my students reflect? How much was I having my students make connections between days? Now that they have really dug into these materials, I need to be purposeful about tying them all back together and giving more time for purposeful reflection.

ps: And if you are feeling that I am over here giving PD all the time, reflecting on best practices, creating materials- not true. I spent four hours last night binge watching new episodes of Chopped.

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