Brillante Viernes: March 8, 2019


brillante viernes march 8Happy Friday!  Whew!  This week was long!  I know that so many teachers feel that they are dragging before spring break.  I think that Locura de Marzo has been helping us!  All of my Spanish classes are back into novels.  I think that helps provide structure to our weeks.  Check out some of these posts for more ideas to help you in March:

  • Laura is finally using PearDeck- YAAAAAS!
  • My NECTFL buddy Michelle has some great ideas about 50 Cosas Sobre Mi!  I am thinking about modifying this for our level 1 IPA this year.
  • This post is great about the music song Soy Yo, and I love the sentence starters for the socratic seminar!
  • I love stations!  They worked really well to motivate my students on Fridays!  I haven’t thought of including some of these– especially the collaborative smashdoodle!

Have you signed up for the FREE conference that starts on Monday?!  I will be explaining how I implement IPAs into my classes.  Check it out!

Some other posts from me:

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