A little Fiesta Friday to celebrate my wonderful students!

Fiesta Friday to Celebrate My Wonderful Students

As I mentioned on Friday, I decided to plan a little fiesta for my Spanish classes at the end of the second trimester!  I didn’t want to just turn on a video though, so here is how I developed the idea.  First, we did a #baileviernes to El Perdón thanks to Sara-Elizabeth’s post.  (I used to be a dancer, and I loved doing these dances at home with my toddler, too!)  This was more successful in some classes rather than others, but many students recognized the song, so that was good!  This song is also in our Música Marzo bracket.Practicing for Baile Viernes

Earlier in the year, a teacher gave me his old trophy because I was a quick Tweeter. 🙂  I had it sitting on my desk.  This was the perfect opportunity to use it!  I feel like as I continue to improve in my teaching, I keep wanting to get better and improve.  I want to use even more CI, slow down my pacing, utilize each Authentic Resource more instead of finding another one, change up my grading system more etc.  You get the idea.  However, I do not spend time to slow down and reflect how far I have come.  I don’t reflect how much my students have learned and improved this year.  I want them to see how far they have come this year and not just to think about what they cannot do.  To me, Spanish 2 can be the trickiest time to do this because it is a difficult level- the excitement of level 1 has worn off, and they have so much that they want to communicate yet don’t always have the vocabulary to do so.  So to solve all of our problems- each student took a selfie with the trophy (which was called The Right Stuff- that made it even better!)  Then they had to write what they had improved upon this year in the past two trimesters.  I didn’t want them to think about what else they had to do, but what had they accomplished.  Here is a collage of some of their responses.  It made me so proud to think of how far they have come this year!Trophy Selfies

After that, we did a little taste testing!  I bought two different types of Hispanic cookies from our local Hispanic market.  As the students were eating, they filled out this form.  This allowed me to incorporate a few taste testing words in there!  Finally, we continued to watch Miss XV from the beginning of the year.  We hadn’t watch it in awhile, and students enjoyed the break.  I enjoyed planning a little fiesta for them, and I like that they were learning more Spanish and reflecting as well.  How do you celebrate your students?


6 thoughts on “A little Fiesta Friday to celebrate my wonderful students!

  1. You mentioned that your class watches Miss XV. Can you tell me more about this? I looked it up and found many episodes on YouTube, looks fun. My question is, do you watch it via YouTube or did you buy the set on Amazon? And can you put Spanish subtitles on as well? Basically, anything you can tell me about this series would be helpful.
    Mil gracias.

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