Using tongue twisters in class


Using Spanish tongue twisters

I am currently reading Conti and Smith’s newest book, and I highly recommend it!  I feel reaffirmed with what I am doing, and it also gives many new ideas to use the next day in class.  One piece of advice is to try tongue twisters to help with pronunciation.  I typically do not pay too much attention to pronunciation because I believe that the students will improve as they hear it more.  However, this was a fun warm-up, and the students seemed to really enjoy it.  I am going to continue to try it every few weeks!  It is a quick warm-up and no prep since the tongue twisters are already written.  I compiled a list of tongue twister websites:

  • We started with these from Speaking Latino.
  • This list has 117!  And it lists the translations below.  There are also some short ones that would be good for beginners.
  • This website also has an impressive list.
  • This website groups them by topics and has a lot of common topics such as family and fruits.  (On an unrelated side note, it also has some illustrated sentences and quotes which is pretty cool!)
  • And if those aren’t enough… there is MORE!

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