Creating reading guides for stories

Using Reading Guides in the World Language Class

I am sure we all remember the one class we had to take while in school that we felt was useless.  Mine was Teaching Reading in the Content Area.  I probably had a hatred of it because it was late at night, seemed not to apply to me and the teacher wrote the book.  (I am always skeptical of that…)  However, recently I remembered that we learned about creating reading guides, and I thought that they could be useful in my class.  I decided to create some reading guides for shorter stories in addition to a novel.

When I used the story, I put the questions next to the passages on the paper.  In my other reading guide (for the novel), I indicated what page each question was located.  Students had to read along and answer questions as they did.  Some of the questions I included were:

  • Definitions of important words to help them understand the story
  • Comprehension questions
  • A map to locate places in the story
  • Opinion questions
  • Main ideas of the text

I also would aim to make sure that you do not include too many questions and definitions to crowd the page.  I noticed that it made my students more self-sufficient and helped them understand the text well.  Have you used reading guides?  What do you include on your guides?  (Also what was your worst class in teaching school?!)  I have included my Chapter 1 Noche de Oro guide below as an example.

noche de oro capítulo 1


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