Brillante Viernes: March 15, 2019

brillante viernes march 15

Happy Friday!!  I am headed to Virginia Beach to watch my husband run the Shamrock Marathon.  I love going home.  Then, we have one more week before Spring Break!  Did you catch any of the Spanish Teacher Success Academy?  I am still taking notes, and it is just what I need to give me new ideas to spice up March!  Here are some of my favorite posts from the week:

  • On my way to Virginia Beach, I will be tuning in to Ashley’s interview with Rebecca!  I LOVED the workshop on high leverage teaching practices, and I am looking forward to unpacking more ideas.
  • Speaking of podcasts on We Teach Languages, you can check out my interview with Luis Deocares, the president of GWATFL.
  • This post by AnneMarie is amazing.  I started password, but I didn’t continue it this year.  It has convinced me that I need to make it a priority.
  • Elicia’s post on how to make changes in your teaching is also amazing and helpful for everyone.


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