Brillante Viernes: May 19, 2017

Brillante Viernes: may 19

Happy Friday!  It is mid-May and next week is Memorial Day weekend!  I can’t believe it, but with weather in the 90s almost all week, it feels like summer.  While I am looking forward to the long break, I will miss my students from this year.  Next year, I am going to teach levels 1 and 5.  I will have a lot of my students from a few years ago that I am excited about, but it is always bittersweet to lose a class and the community that only that class can make.  It is the perfect weekend to go outside, but when you find a little time inside, check out these:

  • So many teachers love BINGO– and here is to make it more comprehensible!
  • If you haven’t tried FVR yet- even more reasons why you should!
  • As I continue to develop interpretive activities, I love Kara’s innovative take on them.  Also- check out the amazing authentic resource that she shared!
  • I keep reading about the game Mafia, and I just haven’t wrapped my head around it.  Annabelle’s post has made it much easier for me to understand.
  • Also a bonus if you are as excited as I am for summer reading!

Flashback Friday for many of my previous posts in May:

  • My revised summer proficiency pack for students
  • I didn’t have a chance to do the full telenovela unit that I did last year, but here is what I did last year that you can use this year even though the De que te quiero te quiero is not on Netflix.
  • I love this sentence-picture warm-up, and it is perfect for the end of the year!
  • Cali y el Dandee- Yo te esperaré and how I changed it up this year.
  • Do you subscribe to Intercom?  If not, you should!
  • Videos that I used for Agentes Secretos- I am excited to teach level 1 again to use this book next year.

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