Telenovela End of the Year Unit Days 1-3

End of the Year- Telenovela Unit Days 1-3-De que te quiero te quiero-

Many times, I feel that we rush through the year and at the end of the year we try to push ONE MORE topic on our students.  I decided that I wanted my students to really use what they learned.  I was inspired by Laura’s telenovela unit!  I also wanted to start my students on a Netflix series that they could choose to watch at home this summer.  I decided on the telenovela “De que te quiero te quiero.”

I will go through my first three days, and I will update as I go.

Day 1:

I started with a list of questions for my students in Spanish.  Did they know anything about telenovelas?  Did they know the names of any telenovelas?  Did they watch a soap opera in the US?  Did they watch Ugly Betty or the NBC series Telenovela?

Next, they completed a KWL (Know, Want to know and Learned) chart.  They wrote down what they would want to know.

After this, I gave them a handout.  I asked introduction questions in Spanish: who watches telenovelas, when they watch them, where they are popular, what types of telenovelas exist, why people watch telenovelas and then they can add three additional details specific to their article.  I used the same three articles that Laura mentions.  The students completed that as a jigsaw activity.  (After I was inspired by a recent #langchat conversation!)  They had to divide into groups of three, then each person from the group of three read a different article.  At the end, the original groups all compared their notes.  Different articles highlighted or confirmed different sections, so it required students to complete their individual section.

Day 2:

We reviewed some of the past tense work that we have done.  Then the students watched the preview video here.  Students seemed to get excited to watch the telenovela.  Then we watched the telenovela.  I would pause the video, and we would describe the scene.  They would also fill out the accompanying worksheet below.  We watched about 5 minutes.  At the end, students also included filled out the details for each character.  Then for homework, the students can either predict what will happen or retell the beginning from the point of view of Natalia or Andrés.

Day 3:

For the third day, I found an interview with the male protagonist Juan Diego Covarrubias.  It focuses on his second role more, but it also gives nice background about how he exercises and how he met his girlfriend.  On our LMS, I created a multiple choice question assignment for students to complete.  At the beginning, I asked students to describe both Natalia and Andrés.  Then, we continue with the telenovela for a little over 5 minutes.  We continue to describe the video in addition to filling out the viewing guide.  I am including the viewing guide below.

I hope that if you are planning on showing a telenovela that you consider watching De que te quiero te quiero! (Edited to add: I noticed some typos after I published this!  I updated the document, but please tell me if you see anything else!)

de que te quiero te quiero 1



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