What students can do over the summer 3.0!

Summer Proficiency Pack 3.0

My proficiency packs have undergone a lot of changes!  My first two were pretty extensive, but I only had a few students complete them.  Then this year, I realized that I wanted to make my students aware of what exists in the world that they use that is in Spanish!  One student commented when we were watching the telenovela on Netflix today that they were surprised that Netflix had Spanish shows!  For my third edition of my summer proficiency pack, I wanted to provide students with a list of music, TV shows, YouTube channels or books that they could read over the summer.  They can choose what they would like to do.  I hope that they can also decide to just integrate a few changes into what they are already doing.  If you want a more school type summer assignment, you can check out my previous activities.  Here is my newest list for my students!

summer proficiency pack 3.0

6 thoughts on “What students can do over the summer 3.0!

  1. Thanks for sharing your “summer pack” idea list. I always tell my students these ideas, but an actual list might be helpful.

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