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Happy Tuesday!  Although I didn’t make it to the beach this past weekend, summer is definitely upon us.  I want to highlight one email that I get which makes me look forward to Mondays.  (Is that possible?!)  Intercom is out of the University of Oregon.  They put together an email with an overall topic and other ideas (sort of like my Brillante Viernes).  Many times, I have learned about a new blog or website through this email.  You can click on your preferences for language and level (Elementary, Middle or High School).  This will customize your email to only topics that apply to you.  Last week, the topic was teaching reading, and a professor offered a different way to instruct reading.  They also include professional development opportunities.  Sign up today!

6 thoughts on “CASLS Intercom

  1. Thank you for the positive review! InterCom is a free service for language professionals from the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon and we like it when you spread the word about us to your fellow language teachers.

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