Sentence/picture warm-up

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I just found an amazing idea for a warm-up via the Red Headed Hostess!  You can start with sentences on top of the paper.  Each student should have one piece of paper.  You can either write all of the sentences to review target vocabulary/structures, or the students can each write their own sentence.  The papers move about 8 times, so you only need 8 different sentences per class.  After the students write their sentence, they fold the paper then pass it to their left.  That person illustrates the sentence, they cover up the sentence, and continue to pass it to their left. The next person writes a sentence to describe the picture.  The group continues the write, fold, draw, fold pattern until the end of the sheet.  Then at the end, you can see how the sentence changed.  It is like a written telephone game!  What fun! I am going to try this tomorrow!  I am including a copy of the game in Spanish below.


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