Videos for Agentes Secretos


At the end of the year, each class reads a short novel.  As I wrote before, my Spanish 1Bs read Piratas del Caribe.  My Spanish 1As are reading Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso.  This year, we have been a bit short on time, so we have been reading them faster.  I can tell that my students are enjoying the faster pace.  Also, it is nice way to wind down the year as everyone is antsy.

In Agentes Secretos, the main characters travel to Sainte-Chapelle and Parc Guell. (Side note- it is on my bucket list to travel to Sainte-Chapelle ever since I have studied it in my art history classes!)  Arounder has many great 360 videos of capital cities!  I am sure that you can incorporate it in different units.  I use it to show Sainte-Chapelle and Parc Guell.  They are gorgeous and convey the sentiments of each place better than I could.  I also sneak a bit of my art history background in when we look at the videos!

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