Back to School Bonanza!

Back to School Bonanza

I hope this past week has helped as teachers get ready for back to school!  If you missed any posts: I included my first day plans, curriculums and changes, how I ditched the review, and my favorite buys for each new school year.

We are all in the same boat during the beginning of the school year- overwhelmed and excited with new ideas, overwhelmed with everything you have to do in your classroom and with your curriculum, exhausted from changing from the more leisurely pace of summer, and just pretty much wanting to spend the time chatting and catching up with your teacher friends!

I wanted to share some of the other posts that I have seen from previous years and this year to help you prepare even more!  I have broken it down into topics as well:

General back to school:

  • If you haven’t downloaded this resource library for Secondary Spanish teachers, you should do it!  They also have one for elementary Spanish teachers.  (Although the raffle is over- don’t worry, I didn’t win either! 🙂
  • Also- for elementary school teachers, El Mundo de Pepita has already published a huuuuuge list to help you with back to school!
  • Kara discusses how to assess the community standard.
  • Some resources from Arianne for back to school
  • The beginning of the year is a perfect time to really focus on your classroom management.
  • Allison also compiled a huuuuge list of ideas for back to school!
  • And some more free back to school resources from Señora Chase.

Specific lesson plans/ideas:




Hope this list can get you started, so you are going back to school with a bang!

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